What other live action shows should DC create?

I like Titans, sometimes it seems more like a soap opera than an action show but it has its moments.
I think I’d possibly like to see a live action JSA show.

I’d love to see a live action Question series, part Daredevil, part True Detective.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, some form of Justice League Dark. We already have Constantine and Swamp Thing casted, costumed, and explained. Even if it’s just them, I’ll take anything I can get for a JLD show.

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That would be an interesting mix, I would watch that!

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I haven’t read that series yet but I did read about them just today in the encyclopedia section.

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What about a live action Crimson Avenger adaptation, or Spy?

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  1. Justice League?! Hall of Justice?! yada yada. What about The Hall of Doom?! How this particular group of evil doers formed their little entourage?!

  2. THE WONDER TWINS! …and Gleek!

  1. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

  2. Mister Miracle


I know there’s a Stargirl series that was planned, but I’d really love aJack Knight Starman show much more. I know it’s probably never going to get made because of the politics it has to go through (Geoff Johns is pushing his version of Stargirl hard for live action after all), but man, it’s a shoe-in with tone, budget and history with the DCU. It’s a total fit within the original DCUniverse shows of Titans, Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol! Jack Knight and Opal City totally work here! Harris and Robinson’s work is so good to translate into streaming TV. Just the opening sequence of the first issue of Starman #1 on the screen is a sure fire way to grab anybody.


Idk why, but I feel like a Dial H for Hero show could be cool.


I would like to see that, I think it would be a good twist if the bad guys got the limelight!

Stargirl would be interesting, who would you like to portray her?

I’m unfamiliar with this, can you elaborate I bit further ?

I would like to see a booster gold mixed with blue beetle show, there’s many possibilities within that series alone. I hope a crisis event happens, with all these shows, eventually.

My favorite run is the one that started this year. The basic concept is that a teenager, Miguel, gets a hold of a rotary phone that grants him the powers of a famous hero for an hour. Each number is a different hero.


Hm, I’ll have to check that out, thank you.

What about a court of owls show? That could extremely interesting.

Dial H for hero has a lot of incarnations, many of which you can see here on DC Universe. Try the series titled “Dial H” on DCU.

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Oh it’s been in the backburner for awhile now… it just kinda went silent.

@OmniLad I still have to catch up to that one, but the one by Will Pfifer and Kano (and a few other artists) was something I was hooked on all the way until the series ended. In any caase, Dial H would be a lot of fun!


For some reason I want a Tim Drake Robin series. I love the the Tim Drake Robin comic from the 90’s. I would love to see another shot at a Hellblazer John Constantine show. Let the eff bombs fly!