What News And Content Do You Want To Come Out Of DC Fandome?

DC Fandome is quickly approaching what are your hopes and dreams for the event. Break them down into realistic hopes, not unrealistic hopes (if that makes sense), unrealistic hopes.

Realistic hopes: a trailer for suicide squad even just a teaser or character posters confirming who everyone is playing and their costumes. The Batman news, possibly seeing characters in costume like riddler, penguin, and Catwoman. Rocksteady and WB Montreal announcements

Not unrealistic hopes : Injustice 3, and new DC Lego game announced, swamp thing to join Justice League Dark series. Batfleck/ Deathstroke HBO Max original movie.

Unrealistic hopes: swamp thing season 2. a new Bruce Timm cartoon with the good ol animation I love, about the JSA. with a possible flashpoint happening and a multiverse WB casts a comic accurate Aquaman and moves Jason Mamoa to Lobo.

Perhaps they could talk about DCUniverse . . . imagine that?



Exactly what I want and thank goodness it’s not unrealistic!

Ha I put it there Cuz it has to come out sometime right? It’s usually been Mortal Kombat then a Injustice. So if they stick with that trend Injustice is up next I just don’t know when but what better time to announce it than your massive event.

Yea that goes in the unrealistic hopes section haha

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Also in the unrealistic hopes category for me, if they announced Tom Taylor and jorge jimenez has a book together. I know jorge loves Superman so give it to him but with an aweosme Bizarro story arc.

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Looking forward to more official news on the next big video games, hoping for a Harley Quinn renewal announcement, any glimpse at all at Young Justice Season 4, and to find out what some of my favorite writers are doing next.

Well if the rumors are true, we’re getting at least 2 announcements. I’d enjoy a mobile game thrown in as well that launched the next week or something. Just to give us some DC game to tide us over till the release of the AAA titles.