What new (to you) comic have you recently discovered and become obsessed?

I have become slightly obsessed with Daredevil and All Star Batman. On both-the story telling and art work remind me why I still have to visit my local comic book store at age 52 with my kids.


Little Bird, Monstress, Black Hammer, Mister Miracle & Bug! The Adventures of Forgaer. Feel like I’ve hit a pretty good streak of new books lately.


A lot actually. I’ve been super in love with the “teen titans rebirth” and the “super sons”. They were just really funny and entertaining stories. I’m a little sad that the teen titans one is taking like a completely different route. Especially after having Damian resort back to killing, just seemed a little off character for what they’ve been building but at the same time I get it.


I had just read the O’Neil/Cowan Question book before the Lemire/Cowan Black Label Book got announced, so I’m pretty entrenched in that world right now.


The silencer

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