What Movies Are Coming to and Leaving DC Universe in June and July

Summer’s here, DC Universe fans! And there’s a bevy of new movies coming to your favorite streaming service this season. There will also be a handful of movies leaving DCU soon, so check out the full list of what’s arriving and departing this June and July below, and plan your viewing accordingly!

New or Returning:

Young Justice: Outsiders - Part 2 (7/2)
Batman: Year One (7/2)
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (7/2)
Justice League vs. Teen Titans (7/2)
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (7/2)
Justice League: Doom (7/2)
Supergirl (7/2)
Watchmen (7/2)
Watchmen: Under the Hood (7/2)

Catch Them While You Can:

All-Star Superman (7/1)
Batman (1989) (7/1)
Batman and Robin (7/1)
Batman Forever (7/1)
Batman Returns (7/1)
Batman: Bad Blood (7/1)
Superman III (7/1)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (7/1)
Superman: Unbound (7/1)
Wonder Woman (Animated) (7/1)

Make sure to take time to celebrate Batman: '89’s 30th anniversary this month, clear some space for the goodies landing in July, and tighten your seat belts- we’re getting closer every day to San Diego Comic Con! :mega:


Dang… DCU beat me to the report by 3 minutes…

Also are the goodies already announced or is something special still coming?

Is there any way we could start getting stuff we haven’t had on here before? The only actually new things coming are the 2 Watchmen movies, and those probably won’t be on for very long seeing as they’re not owned by DC. There’s a lot of live films to pick from, like Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, Constantine, Steel, The Losers, V for Vendetta, and Red 1&2. And more animated ones than I care to list.

It really feels like we’ve only had 20 different films to pick from and half them keep getting passed back and forth between other video services.


I hope we eventually get some DCEU movies, and maybe Superman Returns, The Dark Knight trilogy, more animated movies(Justice League Dark/Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay.), and Smallville would be cool to have too.


Well I like the new movies on the list. Specifically the Watchmen films, that is high quality stuff. Also glad to see Supergirl back an Justice League vs Teen Titans and Emerald Knights back as I didn’t get around to watching them when they were last on here.

I won’t lie, I know some of it (possibly all of it) can’t be helped but do wish the movies would not rotate out quite as much as they do, even if I know them rotating isn’t unavoidable and am not going to complain six months in, I know how it is. But if possible maybe a bit less. Also kind of sorry that so many live action films are leaving in July. We are definitely getting the A+ live action we promised in Watchmen and Supergirl (the latter more as a cult classic) but I wish we could get more on at the same time.

BNut back to the good side, I do like we got over a month warning on what is coming down this time. And it is all stuff that has been on here for a while. Going to have to finally get around to watching Wonder Woman.

Regardless of wishing less was leaving then will be, I am happy with the stuff coming on.


Woohoo! Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is coming back! I want to give Supergirl a re-watch too.

Which version of Watchmen are we getting? I’m assuming the theatrical cut.

Sad to see the Batman Quadrilogy take off, but they’re coming out in 4K soon, so all’s well.

When the BQ comes back (as I’m sure it will), is there a good chance they’d be in 4K?


What I’m curious is, which version of Watchmen is this – theatrical, Director’s Cut, Ultimate Cut?


Also @ColdSmokeMike I know you said “seems like” and were not being literal. So promise this isn’t me trying to be literal guy. But as far as the film selection and rotation, just to possibly put it in some perspective

There are currently 40 movies on here. Even not counting the ones coming in we have also had The first two of the Dark Knight Trillogy, Sub Zero that I remember plus the ones here and assuming I am forgetting at least one film we have had at least 50 films on here since the service launched. I do wish it would be more, but given licensing issues I also know it is easier said then done to get some of them on here. And live action movies are more expensive to put on then animated ones so Watchmen is an actual A+ film.

Not trying to dismiss your point at all, but it hasn’t been quite as bad as it seems for whatever that is worth.

They have got to add smallville on here


Great list. Watchmen comes in just time before the HBO show hits which looks really good. GL Emerald Knights and Justice League vs Teen Titans are fantastic. Justice league doom is one of my favorite dc movies ever.

Still holding out for Justice League Dark 2017 animated movie. And Nolans Dark Knight trilogy.


@DanTheManOne1 I’m not saying there aren’t any movies on here, I’m just saying I’m kind of tired of seeing the same 20 coming on and off of the service and having big announcement posts about them. Like, 6 out of the 9 things that are being added in July have been on here once or twice already. It’s cool it gives new members a chance to see them, but there’s a lot more that could be added.


Love that Supergirl will be available, but saddened that Superman III and IV are on their way out

I really wish they added Beware the Batman already. It’s the one notable absence in the modern DC cartoons, and it’s the only Batman cartoon that missed out on the 80th Anniversary celebration. Plus, a lot of people didn’t get to see it because Cartoon Network pulled it permanently and they even messed with its scheduling on Toonami, so having it here would be a great opportunity for others to watch it.


Thank you for putting this out now. I have a whole month to watch the 10 movies leaving in July. I’m very busy with work and stuff. A month’s notice for now on would be beneficial.

Where’s June?

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@LeonardoMyst June (Cleaver) is probably busy getting breakfast busy for her sons Wally and Theodore, while husband Ward is getting his good suit out.


Which cut of Watchmen will be on here? Theatrical, Directors Cut or Ultimate?

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I forgot to ask this in an earlier post:

Any chance Watchmen could be the Ultimate Cut in 4K (which has been available for going on three years)? It’d be another feather in DCU’s 4K hat and a damn good one at that.

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why the batman movies? those are so great. Long live MIchael Keaton.

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