What movie do you want to see for the DCEU?

Which movie do you want to see made for the DCEU if you had it your way?

I personally want to see a solo Catwoman movie done properly that features Selina Kyle. I’m so sad we never got a solo Pfeiffer Catwoman movie. She has so many great stories that can be adapted to the big screen and she can easily fold into the live action Birds of Prey movie… perhaps a sequel to Birds of Prey. Perhaps Birds of Prey vs Gotham City Sirens?

Other movies I would love to see are Titans, Green Lantern Corp, Justice League Dark, and Batman (adapting Long Halloween/Dark Victory/Hush)

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 Heres my idea: Booster Gold travels back in time to save Superman from dying in BvS, hoping to debut as one of Earths greatest heroes and bring in an era of peace and prosperity. He out's Luthor to Superman before his plan gets in motion. This changes the timeline and renders Booster's memory of events useless as he is now a displaced piece of a forgotten time.  Luthor never gets access to the Kryptonian ship and instead makes Metallo. This pulls Batman out to save Supes in his time of need, despite his paranoia. Luthor is shut down and his data reveals the league members to Batman. From there, he and Superman unite the League and Steppenwolf is taken down with ease, promoting Darkseid to prepare. Its then revealed that he has saved Faora-Ul from the Phantom Zone, who us now under his control as one of his Furies. Post credits-Martian Manhunter.

I know that’s not quite a story arc, Just some ideas. We now have room for Superman in exile, proper Doomsday and Reign of Supermen, ect.

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Batman and the outsiders would be nice to see on screen. Would be a good change of pace from the justice league giving people a new cast of heroes they might not be familiar with and there’s some really good comics they could pull from to make a great flick if done right.

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Elseworlds anthology

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I want to see Flash reboot the entire DCEU in Flashpoint with better directors and script writers for all of the movies. In this version of the DCU, the big 3 don’t exist. The other known members of the Justice League try to save the day without the big 3 and die. The lesser known heroes now have to come out of the shadows to save the day. This would be a way to spotlight and introduce lesser known DC characters. It could feature the characters and storylines from the 52 series broken up into several films. Feature Booster Gold, Batwoman, Adam Strange, Black Adam, and the Renee Montoya version of The Question.

The original Batman movie with Adam West

I love to see a new teen titans movie

Supergirl 1984

A reboot.

I want to see a really good Ben Affleck Batman movie, one in which he is the brutal, bone crushing Batman from Batman v Superman. That scene in the warehouse, when he is rescuing Martha Kent, is my perfect Batman. He beat the crap out of those guys, in a way that no other Batman has come remotely close. And that is how Batman would need to operate - Take no prisoners, mess’em up but good, make them think twice about EVER committing another crime, least they meet HIM again!

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Supergirl movie with Henry Cavill as Superman in a supporting/cameo role, and then a proper Man of Steel 2 movie as well! Also, looking forward to New Gods if that actually moves forward. If Jessica Cruz makes it into a Green Lantern movie, that’d be awesome, too!