What Lantern Corps Does the User Above Belong In?

Good morning, my fine audience!

Today, I am opening my stage to you. Each lovely member who enters this thread will be ceremoniously placed within a Lantern Corp that best suits your own unique personality – as decided by your fellow community members.

Don’t worry if your ring doesn’t seem like a perfect fit. The Green Lantern Corps wanted me to make it perfectly clear that this event is purely speculative, and as such users may be reassigned at their own discretion.

So, with that out of the way, shall we begin?

To help the next person with their guess, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself! Any stories you have or characters you relate to, leave them in your reply for the most accurate sorting possible.



Hmm, I’ll toss you a Blue ring, @ZatannaAndHerSpells, based on nothing but instinct. Hope it fits!!

As for me, I offer no real info whatsoever, other then the fact that willpower is most definitely not my strong suit.

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You’re leaving me paralyzed with indecision. With such a tremendous ability to instill fear, I assign you to the Sinestro Corps!

For the next person: The worst thing that’s happened to me all day is running out of chili.


Thanks. That’s a lot to go on @BatJamags.
I am drafting you into the tie die lantern core. (“What? What do you mean that isn’t an option? Fine!”) Or you can be drafted into the Green Lantern Core!

For the next person. I NEVER seem to get angry (what’s the point?). I am not dead. I may be a little greedy. I am not a criminal. I do not enjoy being or instilling fear. “Hopeful” is a synonym for “naive” in my books. I don’t feel any great shame. Love is bleh. I prize will power even if it is not my strongest point.

For everyone. Is there an infrared lantern core?

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I’ll give you a white lantern ring. Go be a god

Should be interesting who’s next after me if they know me enough


I don’t know @TX85 much, but we are fellow cowboy fans so I’ll give him a blue ring, cause you gotta have hope to be a cowboy fan!

For the next person: my username says it all, also im a Texan if that helps!


Lexcorp fills me with nothing but fear and dread, and so I believe the choice here is clear. May the Yellow Ring suit your well! :slight_smile:

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@ZatannaAndHerSpells was chosen to have Blue but who say you can’t have more than one. So why not an Indigo ring. For being a caring and kind person.

Hint: red may be my favorite but I rarely show rage. I do try to stay positive through most situations but I’m not free of complaining or get upset. I always want to see the best in people.

And if that doesn’t work as a hint I’ll just say I ate some raisin brains for breakfast today. Maybe that might give a better idea.


If you found a way to eat raisin braIns, then that could be either a Star Sapphire for the color of a brain or Green Lantern for having the will to eat brain. But, looking for the best in people is having hope, which would put you as a Blue Lantern. Therefore, the ring with the most overlap would be a Star Sapphire (plus it is has not yet been mentioned).

As for the next poster, I like to stick to the shadows. And, I can have a “mean, killer” glare. You don’t have to take my word for it, but it doesn’t matter to me if you ignore me when deciding what Lantern a poster should be. Sorry to have taken a shady turn. Ha ha, dark humor.

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@NYJt3, you always show up with a Fun Fact for the “Think You Know” threads, which demonstrates a deep investment in each character – or a level of compassion that I would associate with Indigo.

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@Pollster I think a green ring is good for you but I feel like you want a yellow or black

as for me I like 50s and 80s rock I live in la (the state) I some times get mad most of the its at cod mw
im not sure about willpower as far as fear goes I do find it funny to scare people but idk how that would get me a yellow ring. back to stuff I like my favorite movie is batman begins my favorite colors are red and black.
now to geed I do have a lot of stuff so yea and for hope I do try to see the best in people so that’s me.

@Pollster never thought of pink but it sounds cool. I here they have a fondness for the Raisin Bran.

@HubCityQuestion never thought of that one either sounds cool as well.

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@Thebatman.7002 You get a red lantern ring.

For me I drive a forklift for a job, my first child will be born in 2 weeks and my favorite movie is a tie between Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump

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@TheFirstRobin1 I’d say love, since you like Forrest Gump and have a child. :slight_smile:

I get very frustrated sometimes, but never rage. I’m not particularly compassionate. I am studying Forestry and Natural Resources in Environmental Science. I love the ocean and my favorite character is Starman Will Payton and Firestorm and Captain Atom. I’m not in a romantic relationship. My favorite color is like purple i guess… My favorite cereal is Captain Crunch but the off-brand kind that’s cheaper at the commissary. My biggest weakness is my lack of motivation and will to get things done. Sometimes I can get down on myself.

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