What is your reasoning for why DC is better than Marvel?

Why do you prefer DC over marvel?

Example: I like the darker tone, and the characters and their powers more.


In an industry where everything is based off of two general pool of characters, I just prefer more DC characters. The two companies really aren’t that different, it just happens to be that I like DC characters more than Marvel characters.


They may fight and act more serious, but at their core they are fighting for truth, justice, and to save the world they care about. Marvel kind of just fights for the status quo, and they’re all really sarcastic and never really take many things seriously. It gets kind of annoying at times. The Guardians are all immature and childish, and I am really tired of them. Compare them to the Suicide Squad, and you basically have the same thing. Except the X Squad admits that they are villains. but Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have the greater good at the forefront of their minds, and don’t want anything to get in the way of that. I just like them more though, and what they stand for.


I won’t say one is better than the other, just because I always find that word a bit out of place when it comes to matters of personal taste/preference. For me it’s simple why I prefer one over the other. My favorite characters are part of DC, specifically the Trinity, and more specifically Superman. Reading DC Trinity stories opened up a world of comics to me, from the universe threatening events of the Justice League to the magical realms of Justice League Dark. You know how it is, one thing leads to another and now I have an appreciation of DC as a whole and still learning about all the different mythos and characters.
Apologies if my answer didn’t really compare the 2 companies. Truth is my Marvel knowledge is almost exclusively from the movies, and will probably stay that way.


Of the two, I feel DC has the better characters. Better overall stories. The problem with DC, right now, is lacking a clear direction (other than the comics)., possibly due to the merger. They can be a great people; they wish to be. They only lack the light (leader?) to show the way. I think each medium, ie. tv, movies, comics, games, should try to stick with their own respective universe. With movies, it’s okay to have an Elseworlds movie if you market as such, and maybe notify audiences in the beginning. Otherwise, don’t complicate it for the masses. For the most part, Marvel’s tone is okay, could do without some of the cheesiness in the Marvel movies though.

Finally, when one movie isn’t received so well, don’t hit the panic button and reboot. Just move on. Every movie can’t be great, and even Marvel has some less than memorable entries. It’s okay because people are still seeing their movies.

Also, please stop with the diversity just for diversity’s sake. There is a character to represent everyone in the DCU. Don’t change Superman, Cyborg, or Batwoman. Make great movies with them as they are, and people will watch them. You change them, and you alienate a large portion of your audience that love the characters for who they are…see first sentence.


I love both. Marvel AND DC have great characters, and DC has had them a lot longer. Both care about their readers, both do their best to put the best possible entertainment.

I absolutely could never choose between them. My Marvel app (JUST comics) and the DC app gives me the Best of Both Worlds.


I like most of the characters better. DC are the ones I grew up with and aside from Spider-Man and She-Hulk I have never really taken the same shining to a Marvel character I do to DC characters.

I love both Marvel and DC. How can I not? My first comic book ever 3-5th grade) was X-Men #104 with the classic Magneto cover by Dave Cockrum. That was the FIRST comic book I ever owned. Those early New X-Men were my introduction to the comic book world. That has an effect on a person that just can’t be measured, and it can’t be put on a bar graph to say I love this one this much more than that one. How about Wolfman and Perez’s New Teen Titans run? I can’t be the only one who loved BOTH series. And when the X-Men and Teen Titans teamed up, man, I was in heaven as a young teen. Barry Windsor Smith Conan? Denny O’Neil’s Detective runs? Neal Adams Batman? John Byrne Fantastic Four? How about ANYTHING drawn by the late Dave Stevens, one of my favorite artists and storytellers…anyone read The Rocketeer? George Perez? Avengers and Justice League? I also LOVE old Charltons…E-Man anyone? Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns? Alan Moore’s Killing Joke? Crisis on Infinite Earths? McFarlane’s Spiderman? How about the relaunch of the Valiant Universe many, many years ago? I loved ALL of these titles and MORE! You can’t put me in a box. And the movies and animated shows from all the different companies. I’m really so blessed and thankful to live in a place and time where I get to enjoy ALL of this.


Animated movies are way better.

Comics, especially in recent years, have been better.

Games have been better


I am one who likes Both. Each have their pluses.

Marvel’s universe tends to be a little more science-y, the fatal flaw in the heroes’ origin, how actions in one title could affect another.

DC is a little more fairy tale-ish, but no less compelling.

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I have respect for both. I lean more towards DC because their characters are, IMO more psychologically interesting and less likely to “play hamlet”.

Both Superman & Batman are VERY screwed up psychologically. I don’t think Marvel has a hero or anti-hero more psychologically messed up than Supes or the Bat.

Marvel has done well in the feature live-action space. But, they didn’t really have an MCU plan until Thor: the Dark World. And anybody who thinks they did, I dint think has really broken the films down. They have been on the vanguard of some digital effects. The entire slimming down of Steve Rodgers in the original CA movie was a visual effect piece of genius.

DC certainly dominates in the animated film space. Spider verse was great, but let’s face it, that was a Sony project through and through.

DCU originals and WB I’d rank a bit higher over Marvel. Be it Netflix or Inhumans or Cloak & Dagger. They did an excellent job with Luke Cage, I’ll give them that.

They both have they’re place in the comics world and the comics world is big enough for both of them.

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Well, because DC is not Disney


Flash fact DC is the best. I’m not one to dispute undisputable flash facts

DC’s TV shows are better than Marvel’s shows. They embrace the characters and make them work with costumes and special effects despite having a limited budget. In some cases the costumes and special effects even look better than what the movies delivered.

The characters and villains are far more likable than Marvel’s imo.

I mean, I do love Kang and all of Spider-Man and X-Men’s villains but DC’s roster is more fun and interesting overall.


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Hands down because of the Golden Age/Silver Age comics, DC had better writers,story tellers and characters


It’s a bit hard to fully explain but I find DC’s characters more likable, at least in the comics. In Marvel’s comics, most of the characters except Spider-Man, Captain America and a handful of others are just incredible assholes. Sometimes, it works to make the characters more likable, sometimes just makes the characters even more unlikable.

DC’s stories also tend to be better and more memorable. Sure, the Marvel Civil War was awesome, but I can’t really think of any other stories off the top of my head that were genuinely interesting. Frank Miller’s Daredevil run and Chris Claremont’s X-Men run maybe. With DC, though, we have more memorable and great stories than I can count.

Also, DC has the Vertigo comics too which trumps anything Marvel does.