What is your favorite song from dc comics

I like the jokers song in Batman arkham knight (take me on home to the asylum)


I like Harley’s Lullabye song. not sure what it’s called

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I love the Batman Musical that Terry makes Bruce suffer through in Batman Beyond.



Robin Robin the leader
Robin Robin in charge
(Show him the baby hands!)
Robin Robin’s are LARGE!


Grey and bluuuuuue,
Grey and bluuuuuue,
The Man from Gotham wore the grey and blue!


Nice, I also like the bkrds of pread song. I forgot which animated series that was in.

Lol birds of prey sorry yall

I gotta say even tho it’s lol Romeo in the intro the static shock theme is iconic along with Batman beyond and titans themes

Teen Titans theme song

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Also I love the magic song in the lego dc flash movie. (magic baby it’s just little magic)

  1. Get your cape on
  2. Teen Titans Theme Song
  3. Hanging on the Telephone (Harley’s interpretation)
  1. Teen Titans theme song
  2. Smallville theme song (“Save me” by Remy Zero)
  3. Batman '66 theme song

Wonder woman’s theme is up there…

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Teen Titans into. It’s an ear worm like Mister Mind in Booster Golds dads ear.