What is Your Favorite Episode of the Animated JLA?

Now that I am able to rewatch thanks to DC Universe. I was wondering what peoples favorite episode is whether its from Justice League animated, Justice League Unlimited, or even Justice League Action.

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My Favorite is when Aquaman, Doctor Fate, and Solomon Grundy fight Superman, WW and Hawkgirl! Meanwhile they are trying to save the world

A Savage Time

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The 1st ep

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Destroyer where Superman doesn’t hold back against darkseid

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Justice League Animated :

  1. Injustice for All
  2. Twilight
  3. A Better World

Honorary Mentions:
Paradise Lost & Only A Dream

Justice League Unlimited:

  1. For the Man Who Has Everything
  2. Clash
  3. This Little Piggy

Honorary Mentions :
The Greatest Story Never Told,
Alive/ Destroyer,
Flash and Substance

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All fantastic episodes!