What is your favorite Elseworlds tale?

I really enjoy the Elseworlds stories even though I have only read a few, with my particular favorites being Red Rain and Red Son. What is everyones favorite and recommended Elseworlds tale?


Superman: Secret Identity
The Golden Age
JSA: The Liberty Files
JSA: The Unholy Three

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Gotham BY Gaslight for comic book

JL:Gods &monsters


Kingdom Come. Not just my favorite Elseworlds story, but one of my favorite DC stories of all time.

Red Son and The Dark Knight Returns are close runner ups.


Superman’s Metropolis, Batman: Nosferatu, and Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon are my personal favorites, and they’re all connected as well. Wonder Woman Amazonia and Elseworlds Finest are also really good.

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It’s a tie between Justice League: The Nail and Justice League of America: Another Nail.

A brilliant idea of how just one small thing can turn history away from what it should be.

Alan Davis’ art is mesmerizing. It’s clean, crisp and eye candy galore.


The Golden Age
Kingdom Come
All-Star Superman

Justice League New Frontier
Golden Age

Red son loved that story

Red Son and Gotham by Gaslight. I know they’re generic choices, but they’re still my favorite.

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The Golden Age and the OG Elseworlds take Gotham by Gaslight are still my favorites

Justice Riders is great too and a more typical elseworld.

The Justice League in the wild west.

Diana is a sheriff seeking revenge for destruction of her town named after the Island
Wally the fastest gun
Hawkman is an indian
Jonn is a sorta Mexican
Booster and Beetle go from town to town selling fake stuff.

Far and away “Red Son”. It’s an unadulterated masterpiece.

Justice Leauge of America: The nail and its sequel another nail is my current favorite elseworld series with my second favorite being the dark knight returns the golden child, however, batman rebirth annual number 2 and the Catwoman 80th anniversary story: Helena are my favorite one-shots.