What Is Your Favorite DC Ship?

Barbara and Jason didn’t date in Three Jokers. She basically gave him a kiss and said, “I care about you, buck up, pal!” I agree that was weird (ruined a perfect hug moment IMO), but she was clear that it wasn’t anything more.

Also, I didn’t think Three Jokers was confirmed to be canon; Black Label typically isn’t. Has it been confirmed somewhere in Infinite Frontier?

Main topic: Thinking of some lesser known ships, I really like Barda/Scott. I didn’t really know anything about them until reading stuff here, which was a nice discovery.


I never said they dated. I said they tried it on for size. Ik it was “just a kiss” but It was still a romantic moment that wasn’t necessary between Barbara and another “batboy”. But yet Dick is “the one” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: gimme a break. If he was really the one then DC wouldn’t need to pull stuff like that.

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Harley and Ivy are my pick for cutest DC couple! :heart_eyes:


After it got delayed so much, I remember Geoff Johns basically saying that it’d be up to the fans to determine whether it’s canon or not. I guess like w/ its spiritual predecessor, The Killing Joke, only time will determine whether it’s fully, partially or not at all canon


Thanks, that’s what I recall as well.

Well, it’s an Elseworlds (currently) with concept ties to the new52, which was about new beginnings. A lot of relationships were erased (including marriages and children!) to allow exploration of new ones like this.

I suppose dating/exploring new relationships could be viewed as ‘trying it on for size,’ though I don’t think that was the intent here. I saw the specific scene as two characters having a moment, then one realizing it went too far - not least of which IMO because of the recent trauma. We can hop over to a Three Jokers thread, if you want to discuss this more. It fascinates me how differently people can read and see the exact same thing.


But it didn’t go too far with Batman for her which is the future since the Batman Beyond comic is set in the future??? Like that’s my problem with it. It was all too far but they had the character do it anyways but it not supposed to affect her and Dick’s relationship or the way we see it. Sorry but it just doesn’t work that way.

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I’m not trying to convince anyone to like a specific ship or character. My intent was just to point out that Barbara in the main universe and timeline hasn’t actually dated/been romantically involved with the list of bat characters posted above.

Pre-Flashpoint, she dated Dick.

Post-Flashpoint, she briefly dated Luke Fox, who she’d just met, pretty much only interacted with in civilian mode, and broke up with amicably.

While I didn’t like the Barbara/Luke pairing (largely because the relationship was undeveloped and just suddenly there), I don’t view it as a hindrance or obstacle to a Dick/Babs pairing. For one, Luke seems more like a friendly co-worker than someone like Jason Todd. Jason would likely be a complicated love interest (for many reasons); however, even that relationship wouldn’t necessarily be insurmountable IMO.

As a non-bat example, the new52 post-Johns paired Carol with Kyle. (Gah! No idea why, other than they wanted to shake things up, explore new relationships, and/or thought purple looked cool with white.) Rebirth rolled around and there was no mention of the relationship. Kyle dated others, and Hal/Carol reunited. So, either the new era cherry picked what remained canon, or Hal understood and accepted that two people he cared about explored a relationship.

In general, I see Dick as having more emotional intelligence than Hal, so pending dramatic flares, I think he could respond similarly… just like Babs accepts/understands that he was with Helena.

Elseworlds/AUs/other media/potential futures (like Batman Beyond)/etc. have sometimes paired Barbara and/or Dick with bat related characters other than each other. I’m personally not a fan of this as it often seems mask-focused rather than character-focused (discussed in posts above). However, I try not to let the relationships/actions in those types of stories impact my view of the canon characters negatively.

For another non-bat example…

  1. Do I prefer AU Mera with AU Arthur instead of AU Orm? Yes.
  2. If AU Mera hooked up with AU Orm, would I hold that against MU Mera? No.
  3. Could exploring a relationship between Mera and Orm be interesting? Sure, both were raised as royalty of enemy kingdoms and have done questionable things in the name of protecting their people; however, I think romance should be avoided or at least kept to AUs based on the history of the characters and their relationships with Arthur.
  4. Do I still think Arthur/Mera are the OTP of the Seven Seas? Yep.

Anyway, I think this thread about favorite DC ships got derailed a bit, so this post is going to be the end of my discussion here. To recap on topic:

Favorite: Dick/Babs

Power couple: Hal/Carol followed by Arthur/Mera

Hero/civilian: Wally/Linda followed by Diana/Steve

Runners up: Barda/Scott, Ollie/Dinah, Ralph/Sue, Hawks specifically in the 2018 series


I respect that but the problem is even though it’s not in the main comics universe or even in present time it still happened somewhere. Its still canon somewhere and it’s not supposed to affect our view of the characters or their relationship? It’s just unnecessary to use the characters this way.

I’m in a spot where I don’t feel I have a favorite. But if I had to choose I’d probably go with Superman and Louis, Wally and Artemis, and Beast Boy and Raven.

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The Javelin!

Am I doing this right?


What are your thoughts on Carol and Kyle?


Okay here we go… I have feelings about this…okay don’t hate me… here we go…

Barry Allen and Jessica Cruz! I loooove them together. I love how Barry cares for her in N52s… and then how he was heartbroken for her in… I want to say Forever Evil. Then of course their kids in Legacy.




I’ve actually never heard of this one, or knew that they really knew each other to begin with. Nice!


No, she showed up after Forever Evil.


It’s a bit of a different origin story but she received the power ring and overcame its power over the host. I think it was her first cameo.


I love it!




Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Superman And Lois and Smallville on the CW are masterpieces for the way they portrayed Clark and Lois’ relationship. I love how both shows, but especially S&L, Lois doesn’t fall for the confident and heroic Superman, but for the dorky and awkward Clark Kent. Lois doesn’t even know that Clark is Superman until way later in their relationship.