What Is Your Favorite DC Film/TV Show Universe?

  • Arrowverse
  • DCAU
  • DCEU
  • New 52 DCAU
  • Lego DC Universe

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It’s not an option in the poll, but I’d probably pick the Burtonverse, which also contains the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (as indicated by the episode in which Jonathan Frakes shows off his stolen Batmobile).


@AlexanderKnox: I completely forgot about the stolen Burtonverse Batmobile in Lois and Clark. That show had so many wonderful Easter eggs. One of my favorites was Bessolo Blvd. (George Reeves adopted name) from the season one episode: “Strange Visitor”.

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With CoIE being part of Arrowverse, CoIE tries to cover everything, so the question is more pre-Crisis film/tv to now.