What is Your Favorite Batman Video Game?

Definitely Arkham City. I love the Arkham franchise as a whole, and City to me is just the most consistently great across the board. Knight is a close second, and I actually feel like it hits some higher highs than any other game, but the Knight’s reveal and timed races brought it a bit down for me as well.


Arkham Origins but basically any of the Arkham games in general. They’re all pretty well made and fun to play through.


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@Matches_Malone the Batman Origins Batman and the Batman Origins writer had this exchange on Twitter a few days ago (:pray::pray::pray::pray:)


Oh, and a WB publicist replied to the actor that they’d be “letting the cat out of the bag reasonably soon.”

City>Asylum>Knight >Origins

I remember liking lego Batman games as a kid but its been a while

@biff_pow Oh, I know. I follow any Arkham news very closely. Hopefully something finally gets announced soon.

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I see this thread, and I hear the Sunsoft NES Batman theme. 'Nuff said.

The Arkham series
To hard to pick one.


Arkham City, Lego Batman 2, and the NES Batman.

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Arkham City, with Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight right behind it.

Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight for me. Of course the Injustice series too, but those aren’t exclusively Batman games.

For old school, the Batman Returns beat 'em up for Snes was great!


Top 3:

  1. Batman: Arkham City - (PS3/PS4)
    Mr Freeze is my favorite baddie so I LOVE the fight level and inclusion of him in the game!

  2. Batman: Brave & the Bold- (Wii)
    Love how well it represents the show & gameplay is Beyond Fun & Entertaining!

  3. The Adv of Batman & Robin - (SNES)
    LOVED the show growing up and this game does such a WONDERFUL job paying homage to classic episodes and giving us fans FUN gameplay!

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Has anyone played Batman: Vengeance here? It’s one of the games I remember vaguely from my childhood and it has Batman TAS voice actors. Can’t find my copy but would love to give it a try.

My favourite Batman game when it comes to everything but gameplay is Batman: Arkham Asylum. I love that it’s very claustrophobic, and it seems it has less backtrakcing than City (which may not be the case). City has better gameplay but the story is too flashy for me (but still deserves 2nd place). I hated Knight for the stupid drone missions with the Batmobile. Origins was just ok. Hard for me to choose which one is worse.

Yeah I own Batman Vengeance & it’s follow up Batman Rise of Sin Tzu. I loved it and played both as a kid when they came out, but Vengeance was Better! It was my first Batman game too lol I honestly forgot about it when I made my top 3, but it is Great!


I’m playing Arkham Knight right now. It’s insane. I’m trying to collect all riddler trophies right now!!

I know a lot of people didn’t like Arkham Knight but I loved it. I mean I love the entire Arkham series (don’t understand why Origins isn’t in the arkham series) but Knight is my favorite.

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Lego DC Super Villains

The Adventures Of Batman & Robin

Batman: Arkham Knight

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