What is Your Favorite Batman Video Game?

Mine are Arkham City and Batman telltale season 2 The Enemy Within

Arkham Asylum or Origins but I love the whole series though

Arkham City

Arkham Asylum for me - I love that game. :slight_smile:


I’d definitely say Arkham Origins. But I loved all the Arkham games!

Arkham City with Arkham Knight a close second.

Arkham City, hands down.

Arkham city

Arkham City had so many twists, hands down my favorite. Arkham asylum them arkham knight. I’m on the fence about arkham origins as I didn’t like the change in voice acting and only played it once. I did like the boss battles though

I like the handheld game by Tiger from '89 or '90.

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The NES game was the best Batman game.

Arkham origins was good but all the Arkham games are the best

For nostalgic purposes I would have to say the Adventures of Batman and Robin for the Sege Genesis. While it was a run-and gun gameplay, the graphics were eye melting and the soundtrack is a gem of the chiptune genre. The composer, Jesper Kyd, also composed the Assassin’s Creed games, FYI.


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NES Batman is still the best Batman video game.



Dog you stole my avatar…

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I love Arkham Origins for its tone and story. If I could only play one game for the rest of my life it would probably have to be Arkham Knight for its scale, perfected gameplay, and for just being an excellent Batman simulator.

All the Arkham games are fabulous. Any of the main 4 games could easily be my fav depending on my mood. Wouldn’t disagree with anyone who says Asylum or City are the best. But generally, Knight and Origins are my favorites.


Just hoping, for my sanity’s sake, we get the next Arkham game announced soon.


Arkham Knight


Arkham City. It was really my introduction to comic book universes in general (befor Batman, I only really knew Spider-Man and the Hulk).