What is Your Fav DC Love Story?

Since it was Valentines Day. What was your favorite DC love story? Mine has always been Hawkman and Hawkgirl. It is awesome, and beautiful to realize that they had a love so powerful (With a little help from Nth metal) it transcended death and time. That is why I do not really like the JLU storyline that has Shiera and John Stewart end up together.
I also like Harley’s devotion. Even though the Joker spurns her every chance he gets. She was always so loyal and faithful. That was cool to me. I also love how she finally stands up for herself and says no.
There was also the relationship between Jay Garrick and his wife. That is also pretty awesome.

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Either Harley and Ivy or Ralph and Sue


It’s not a specific storyline, but generally speaking I find the love of Lois and Clark to be a powerful thing. From the second Lois first laid her eyes on Superman she knew no other man could be for her. Likewise at the same moment and in the same time increment, Superman knew no other woman could be for him.

Once Lois found out who Superman was, that’s when her love expanded to infinity for him and he for her. The truth was finally known and they could truly be united in love now and forever.

You know you’ve found The One when you can look at them and say “I’d fly with you into the heavens and turn back the world for you.”


Dick and Babs. This is my favorite couple, consisting of my favorite DC characters. I love the idea of them growing from flirty friends as Batgirl and Robin, separating and growing as independent adults and leaders, then reconnecting and falling in love as Nightwing and Oracle. I love how they compliment each other’s fighting and detective skills, both lead separate teams, and both can take turns being the strong/supporting one.

Arthur and Mera. This is the ultimate power couple to me, especially in John’s run. Both characters have strong personalities and are powerhouses, but they compliment each other. Too often one half of a ‘power couple’ is portrayed as weaker somehow to make the other look better, but I think these two really find a good balance. Their abilities aren’t directly in competition, so they can both shine in dramatic, action packed, splash pages.

Wally and Linda. This is my favorite meta/human DC couple (Spidey/Mary Jane otherwise!). I liked that their relationship was in the open (his identity wasn’t secret) and that them seemed drawn together naturally. Linda didn’t just scream ‘love interest’ to me; I thought she was an interesting character. I liked that they became friends first, I liked how she kept him grounded, but that he would find ways to share his world with her. One of my favorite panels was Linda expressing a concern about how she’ll fit into his life of super hero friends - Wally answers that the better question is how everyone else will fit into their life. (squee!)

Hal and Carol. This is my favorite ‘firecracker’ couple… although that can get frustrating too, lol. I think their dynamic can be a lot of fun to read, when both characters are respected. I find it interesting how much Hal and Carol have in common (pilots, ring bearers, Corps leaders, heavily father influenced lives, both sacrificed jobs for love), while also being very different (he’s slow to take off the power ring, she’s slow to put it on).


I tend to like pairs that are just fun to see interact. So, I’ll second Dick and Babs, since they have a great dynamic. They’re also independently really entertaining. It’s also kind of cool how neither one of them is really a supporting character to the other - they both just kind of do their thing and cross over as necessary.

I also like Bruce and Selina, since their relationship sort of symbolizes the danger and allure of their respective walks of life. And of course, Clark and Lois is a classic, and they just generally feel right together. A less high-profile one that I like is Mister Miracle and Big Barda.


I liked Ralph and Sue Digby. That is why I didn’t like Identity Crisis, and thought the end of the weekly 52 series, at least a start at their reappearance.

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Dick and Barbara


I’m a Lois and Clark guy myself. Any time I see moments with these two it warms my heart. I’m still upset we never had Clark tell Lois his secret in the DCAU. They had Lois find out Bruce is Batman and it just makes me shake my head.

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Dick and starfire (mostly because of the teen Titans animated series)

And Beast boy and raven