What is Your Dream B-Team Roster?

Lets be honest, some heroes just aren’t A-tier material. So which B-tier and lower heroes do you think would make a great team? Which member(s) lead the team? What would the team dynamic be? What niche would they fill in the DC universe? What’s the tone of their comic? What’s the team name, is it a reimagining of an old team like the Seven Soldiers of Victory or is it a whole new group? BONUS: who or what would be their first big villain? Run wild and answer bellow!


Mine would be a reboot of the Challengers of the Unknown, and the roster would be
The Question (as leader)
Captain Atom
Red Tornado
Star Girl
Static Shock
Pieface w/ a reboot of the Haunted Tank

The Haunted Tank would act like a mobile base, since its magic it could be “bigger in the inside” and have room for apartments and a meeting room etc. Tone-wise I’m thinking a high-explosive action romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously with a Rambo “All-American” flare. The niche it fills is taking all these DC “deep lore” ideas and tying them together in a cohesive way and re-introducing them for a newer audience. Their first villain will be The Brain with a new Secret Society of Super-Villains.


I would go with…

Nightwing as leader
Booster Gold
Blue Beetle ( both & Ted Kord as tech support)
Ice and Fire
Superboy (Kon El)
Black Lightning
Jesse Quick
Last but not least definitely smallest The Atom

@Mister_Assister awesome wish I thought of this question!


Um, hmmmm…
I have so much trouble deciding on lists of characters. There are over 1,500 unique characters in DC. It’s just so hard!
Etrigan (it autocorrected to that! :love_you_gesture:)
Hawkman & Hawkgirl
Doctor Fate
Immortal Man
I will call it the Immortal League of America! Or the ILA for short.


Braniac 5 (leader)
Mary Marvel
Tattoo man (sworn in as a emergency leaguer by black canary)
Geo Force


Steel leader and tech
Vixen Deputy Leader

Blue Devil


Jamie Blue Beetle

Outsiders JL

Name Secret Squad
Globe Wide Mission Impossible
Blue Beetle universal translator
Nightshade and Vixen were S u i c i d e Squad
Fire Checkmate

Tech Steel Blue Devil (Engineer) Martin Stein

Computer surveillance Blue Beetle

Young Firestorm Blue Beetle

Best Friends Forever Fire Ice

Monster looking Blue Devil Metamorpho

Jack of All trades Vixen Metamorpho

Teleporter Nightshade

Magic Nightshade Blue Devil

Make Constructs
Metamorpho with Body
Blue Beetle Body Extensions

Big Gun but Inexperienced
Pull a new super power out of thin.air
Firestorm Blue Beetle

Truth serum sleep Metamorpho

Invulnerable Always Metamorpho

Nice Ice Blue Beetle

Edgy Action first Fire Vixen

Environment Concern Vixen Fire Ice

Loners Nightshade Metamorpho

A lot to work with here
Almost Legends of Tomorrow
(Firedtorm Vixen)

First Villain Vandal Savage


I have too many to choose from. I’d like this team & a thousand more.

image image

My team in honor of NATIONAL Women’s Day. ( would be the same all the time tho. As far as all females).
Team Name: Vixens of Viscousness.
Villain: Anyone Who Wants Some.
Niche: Unexpected Chaos.

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Blue Beetle 2006
The Terrifics
Suicide Squad
Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

Gave me a different, more balanced team May operate mainly in secret.

The Terrifics
Mr Terrific, leader

Suicide Squad

Teen Titans
Miss Martian

The inexperienced ‘kids’
Blue Beetle

Ms Martian most likeYoung Justice and Geoff Joehn’s Teen Titans

Firestorm most like Legends from Tomorrow

Blue Beetle from Blue Beetle 2006

Mostly i changed

Steel to Mr Terrific because I understood the latter better and he has been a leader

I switched Ice for Ms Martian Martian who has the same ‘nice’ personality but a great power set, more limited to shape shifting, telekinesis and telepathy. Please she has a neat spaceship. Ice is currently in a medical health facility and not suitable for combat.

Star fire for Fire
Cyborg for Blue Devil

Looking at it from.a relationship angle

I can see Kori taking Megan under her wing

Cyborg and Metamorpho become best buddies as are Jamie and Jackson.

Ms Martian having trouble with Firestorm and Blue Beetle awkward flirting…

Vixen finding Mr Terrific too unemotional and arrogant while Starfire wants to losen him up a bit.

Cyborg Metamorpho look lthe least normal but Nightshade may have empathy for them as does Ms Martian who her secretly a white Martian

Megan Jamie and Jackson are very powerful but also very inexperienced.

Nightshade in shadowpast could create constructs like a. Green Lantern. Beside Teleportation and Insubstantial in Suicide Squad

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