What is you guy's opinion on the Dc CW shows?

I love all of them especially the Flash and I was wondering what other people think about the shows overall?

I enjoy them too, particularly Supergirl.

They are hit and miss with me. I really liked the first season of Arrow and season 2 of Flash. I keep trying to watch Legends, but I turn it on and realize I’m already 12 episodes in and can’t remember a single thing that happened.
After awhile it feels like all these shows went with quantity over quality with the characters, never taking time with them. It started with the particle accelerator explosion being the catalyst for all metas in Flash, that was a quick convenient way to help Flash fit into the classic “monster of the week” tv formula. It’s simplified to allow them to introduce as many characters as possible without having to do origin stories for them all. Compare that to something like Daredevil, Titans, or season one of Arrow even where we spend a lot of time with a smaller cast of characters.
It’s also a bit constrained by its network (CW) demographic. It’s a small network with a pretty specific group it caters to, teens and young adults. So with the smaller network budget and longer seasons than bigger sci-fi/fantasy shows, the story takes more time with relationship drama. It gets younger, very attractive but lesser experienced actors and actresses that the youngsters will tune in to see. This is the classic WB/CW/UPN method, tried and true from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Smallville, through Arrowverse.
This all results in piling on characters and relationship dramas amongst them, with less exploration of the sci-fi/fantasy elements. It’s all still there obviously, it just takes a back seat.
With all that said, they are pretty great for what they are.

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Pretty much what @Zombedy said. The shows can be real hit and miss at times, but there’s something to love about all of them. Unlike the Marvel/Netflix shows, the DC shows all have their own distinct flavor and they all know when to lighten up and have fun and when to be serious and dramatic.

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They are good :slight_smile:

I liked the first couple of seasons of the flash and arrow because they fought good ass villains but now it’s been lacking and Felicity smoak and iris are annoying as hell especially smoak!

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I liked the first two seasons of Arrow, Flash and Legends but the rest is just meh. Arrow and Flash are alright right now and am interested in the elseworld’s crossover event but overall, Arrowverse is overrated!

Black Lightning is a great CW show though