What Is the Most Surprising Character You Have Seen Adapted to Live Action?

So especially in recent years due to the rise in movies and TV shows (most notably the Arrowverse) we have seen a LOT of DC Characters adapted into live action in TV and movies, and I mean a LOT. Once upon a time when they adapted a superhero comic to a live action show or even a movie they would be reluctant to add to many other heroes and villains from the comic books… but that has all changed now and it seems almost weekly someone from DC comics is being adapted for the first time into live action.

But who, in your opinion is the character you would have least expected to see adapted to live action… but someone went and did it anyway.

I can think of a few that you would have never thought they could adapt.

Danny The Street definitely seemed like something that would mostly only work in comic books but lo and behond Doom Patrol did him and did him well.

Chrimson Fox on Powerless is another, as especially in the 2000’s a random and low level hero like her seemed all but forgotten but she became a recurring character in Powerless… yeah they took liberties and played her for laughs, but when I was reading Justice League Europe I never would have thought she would ever make her way on TV.

But the biggest surprise was on The Flash… not surprising since they probably pull characters from comics more then any show, almost a new hero or villain adapted every week it seems. But I was shocked when Razorsharp appeared on The Flash. Some thought the girl with the blades for hands was a terminator homage, and I noticed even a lot of videos that talk about Flash Easter eggs each episode didn’t even realize that she was from the comics. But they called her Relena, she had the same powers as Razorsharp and even looked like an adult version of everyones favorite (oh wait… maybe it is no ones favorite) super hacker Razorsharp.

They actually adapted one of the New Bloods. One of DC’s worst and almost completely forgotten gimicks for creating new heroes, that if it is even mentioned now is the butt of a joke, creating a group of characters each less popular then the last and such a product of their time that DC seemingly retconed them all out of current continuity… and they actually adapted one of them. I mean, she was so obscure most “experts” didn’t even realize they were seeing a character from the comics.

Yeah, she was used as quick cannon fodder… but then again what better tribute to a New Blood then having them do what they do best… die quickly to further someone elses plot.


Honestly Brandon Routh’s Atom took be my surprise. The man is DC gold.


Danny Street immediately jumped to mind, but you mentioned it already.

I guess Steppenwolf, because out of all the New Gods, why pick him?


I never, ever thought we’d see a live action Kip Willoughby, the generic store brand Constantine Morrison had to use for editorial reasons. The fact that they went there is hilarious.


It was easily Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and Talia Al-Ghul’s half-sister Nyssa Raatko. These two just came out of nowhere for me.


sara lance

The majority of the characters in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad film

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True with the characters on Suicide Squad. Especially if Nathan Fillion’s character really is a variation of arm fall off boy.


I never thought I’d live to see a live action Doom Patrol, or at least not one as weird as Grant Morrison’s take. I figured if Doom Patrol ever made it to screens, it would be as a more traditional superhero team in the mould of X-Men (the team that many have argued was based on Doom Patrol – although some people disagree on that). To see the team at maximum weirdness was such a pleasant surprise.

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Not the most surprising but surely my favorite of all times is Constantine, besides from being my favorite DC character I loved he had even if only for one season his own live action adaptation, also I loved his apperence in other shows in the Arrowverse and I’m always glad seeing him getting the love and attention his character deserves.

Praxis on Harley Quinn. Seriously, that’s a deep pull!

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You are so right. Can’t wait to see it

I created this thread before that episode of Harley Quinn came out. But Praxis is definitely a deep cut. I still think Razorsharp was a bigger one, but to be fair Paraxis never got his own mini-series so maybe I am wrong.

Also while I didn’t add it but Human Target is one heck of a deep cut also. I mean when he got his first tv series in the 90’s he had never done much but been a short lived backup feature, he got a bit more comic coverage by the time he got his second series, but still… one really deep cut hero especially to have gotten 2 series plus a separate adaption on an episode of Arrow… someone really likes that unknown DC character.

Edit: Also realized way back when I first made this thread I said live action, so I guess Paraxis doesn’t qualify… but still animated or not do agree that is a deep cut.