What is the most expensive comic you own so far?

The most expensive comic I own currently is X-Men (1963) #101 First Phoenix. It’s in VF/NM and going up in value due to the X-Men/Phoenix movie coming out next year. Need to CGC it.

I have issues 94-200 plus some key issues in between up to issue 500. #94 is worth more in guide but it’s in G- condition.

DC book? Batman Damned #1 First Printing. Bat wang issue. LOL!! Both variants. Those books will sure go up in value over time.

Correction…I should have said: The Most Valuable Comic You Own.

Mods, is there any way for posters to edit their own posts?

Again, Brainiac from afar is scanning this thread, waiting for someone to reveal their jewels. Catwoman as well wants to know, who has the most expensive comics in their collections. Do tell, meow.


Gee Mr. Luuuuthar, why isn’t it too smart to brag on social media about how large or expensive my comic book collection is?



Don-El, considering no one knows my real name, address, and where I actually live I don’t see a problem

Have a good one.

If one’s cautious that’s right that’s a great point . but keep in mind stuff like the other thread right now which is talking about where is your favorite comic book store. somebody could had two and two together pretty quickly I think my friend. Along with who knows what other Revelations from other threads

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One gag these sociopaths play is to say " all I want to buy some of your collection ", and then they show up with weapons. Happens at times around here with eBay local swaps or Craigslist too . that’s why the sheriff’s department has a room that you can do all that kind of thing in.

I don’t think Damn will retain a high value but I also think this current comic market is really crazy. I only collect DC comics and I rarely price out my issues. But really I don’t plan on selling them anytime soon. Congrats on my XMen run. It is fun to get a consecutive run together. Then you start all over with another title.

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Don-El, I appreciate your concern. I don’t do Craigslist or local pickup. I give to charity rather than sell locally. I don’t want people I don’t know in my home. Hard to trust people nowadays. I do sell online but mostly in other states.

nocutename, I had a complete run of X-Men about 35 years ago. Broke up the run in ’88. I couldn’t sell the reprints 67-93. Nobody wanted them. Now those reprints go for $60-$80 each depending on condition.

I had FF #5 1st Doc Doom in almost perfect condition except for an inch of the cover was missing at the bottom. White pages, flat, and glossy. A real beaut. Traded it for X-Men (1963) 2-6. Was trying to complete my run at the time. Now that book is worth thousands. I should have kept it.

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Probably one of the Death of Superman comics I own from the nineties or Batman Annual 25. I havent price checked any of my stuff that could be worth more.