What is The invasion?

Just checked out inferior five, and it’s references The Invasion, like with the Dominators, so I’m confused if that event is something recent or a throwback to the original Dominator invasion, and what to read to catch up the events referenced in Inferior five.

Throwback to the original.


As @Clonegeek18 mentioned, it’s a reference to the original Invasion story from 1988, which was DC’s big crossover event for the year. The core miniseries, which ran three (giant size) issues, is available on DCU. Invasion also had multiple tie-ins and directly led to three spin-offs: Justice League Europe, the L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Blasters (one-shot special).

Here’s a link to a good summary:


Invasion has one of the best plots for a Crossover.

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Did you complete the 4 issues of Inferior 5? I ask because we’re discussing them in another thread and wondering if the shortened series has a satisfying ending or not.

Seems it started as a 12 issue maxi series and by issue 3 was cut to a 6 issue mini series and cancelled after issue 4, leaving us wondering how they chose to write issue 4’s ending.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Could that have been when covid hit? I think right around that time DC put a lot of books on hold.

Don’t think so. Looks like they were published last September thru December and written prior to that. So, probably not impacted by Covid.