What is the future of the DCU, especially digital comics?

Another disturbing article today…intimating that WB Media is “revaluating” DCU which usually means they are going to pull the plug…

I can’t believe the cancellations of shows and possible ending the DCU streaming service…Does this mean the end of digital comics?

I signed up for a year to enjoy the shows and digital comics, especially comics…and now it looks like that will go away…

This is an AWFUL way to treat your fans and supporters!

I think DC comics as a whole is better than the “other guys” but they seem to treat their fans better!

Please tell us the truth about the future of DCU and the comics!

I am going to be really upset and will never support DC movies/shows and comics again if DCU is ended or radically change.

I’m sure others feel the same way…

Reevaluate means many things, many of which lead to positive things.

And the thread is moved!