What is the Best Superman Series to Start someone off on?

I’m curious as to what you guy think is the best Superman Series to start someone out on. I’m doing a podcast right now where we are going through and discussing each major rendition of Superman. Not going to lie, at the moment I’m leaning towards Lois and Clark - The New Adventures of Superman

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I personally think some watch alongs with the old Superman TV show of the 50s run by the new Superman club would be perfect

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I think STAS would be the place to start. Episodes aren’t long, the introduce all the main villains: Lex, Atomic Skull, Parasite, Toyman, etc. Lois is strong, powerful and independent. Eventually John, Martha, and Supergirl all make appearances.

It also has my all time favorite episode of any Superman series. Batman mysteriously vanished and Robin (Tim Drake version I think) gets Superman to go undercover as Batman. It’s awesome!!

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Superman: The Animated Series. It features a wide swath of characters from across the Superman mythology as well as that of the greater DC Universe too.

Best Superman adaptation after Donner’s first movie.


Echoing Superman: The Animated Series. It’s the definitive take on the character and his world.

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If you want something comprehensive, I’d start with S:TAS.

But if you’re wanting to explore the evolution of the character through the media, there’s no better place to start than the Fleischer mini-movies.

As far as live action, I think Lois and Clark or Supergirl (if you count that) are the best. Although if you include animated series then 100% Superman: The Animated Series.

Heyu random question is TAS serialized? Meaning do the episodes tie in together, or are the all stand alone episodes that don’t connect?

Superman The Animated Series, probably. Most faithful version of the character. Lois & Clark is just kind of… so-so. It’s not bad. Better than other things.

The Fleischer cartoons got me into Superman along with Smallville.