What is the best rebirth series?

And why is it Williamsons Flash?


I mean, “best” is a tricky question. My personal favorites from Rebirth have been:

Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman
James Tynion’s Detective Comics
Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke
Tom King’s Batman.

I started off loving Rucka and Tynion equally, and when Rucka sadly left the title, it became all Tynion. Then at issue 20, I fell in love with Deathstroke (have since collected all the singles), and it was tied with Tynion. Then Tynion ended, and a few months later, with Cold Days, I fell in love with Tom King’s Batman. So Priest and King carried me until December 2019, and now I just have Young Justice by Bendis - which I like, but it isn’t anywhere close to my favorite or something I’d put up there with the best.


I say it’s Green Arrow, simply because it’s the first time Green Arrow felt like Green Arrow in a very long time (even before The New 52, Ollie’s series was a mess).


Off topic but your name reminded me i have Kings Mr Miracle hardcover, i need to read that lol.


This was my username way back in the DC Message Board days of the early 2000s, so I was very happy it was available when I signed up for DC Universe.

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James Tynion’s Detective run, Priest’s Deathstroke, Red Hood And The Outlaws. These were my favorite. Action Comics was also great.


Rucka Wonder Woman
Tomasi Superman
Red Hood.when he had his trinity

Green Lanterns


I’d say my favorite rebirth series would be Superman


The top two are by my personal accounting indisputably NEW SUPER-MAN and DEATHSTROKE. Hard to say which is better.

Really liked King’s Batman, Connor and Palmiotti’s Harley Quinn and Percy’s Green Arrow.

Have been my favorites.

Also enjoyed Supes.

Super Sons. The answer is always Super Sons.


Except when it’s Green Lanterns. Or Deathstroke. Or Tomasi’s Superman. Or Hitch and Priest’s Justice League runs. Or Snyder’s All-Star Batman. Or Rucka’s Wonder Woman. Or New Super-man. Or Tynion’s Justice League Dark. Or—

–Dear sweet Grodd Rebirth was %$!@-ing awesome!

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My Rebirth top five:

-Jim Lee’s run on Suicide Squad
-Action Comics
-Green Arrow

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In my opinion: Two great runs I will remember from this era

  1. Superman by Tomasi and Gleason

They did a fantastic job at making Superman the center of rebirth and giving fans a return to form for the Man of Steel. It is one of the few bright spots in recent comic history and something I hope will be remembered for the next few years.

  1. Detective Comics by James Tynion IV

Loved the respect for the Bat-family in this run. I felt that many of the characters I loved in the 90’s and 2000’s were starting to disappear, then James Tynion came in and brought them all back. He brought some of the unknowns and lesser used characters and brought them to the forefront of his run, and for that I thank him

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Red Hood and The Outlaws
The Flash

Superman (2016-), Detective Comics (2016-), Super Sons(2017-), and Aquaman(2016-).