What is the Best Live Action DC TV Show?

Curious as to what everyone thinks is the best live action DC series. Personally I’d go with Arrow. As much as it differs from the comics, it just hands down a good show and gave us this wonderful TV universe. Ironically it also gave us the best Ras al Guul storyline just to bad it wasn’t with Batman lol. Anyway leave your thoughts below.


I’m going to go with Arrow, because it is having a killer final season. But, Doom Patrol is really an A++ show.


I also really love Doom Patrol and Watchmen but I’m giving Arrow the upper hand because it has more seasons of consistency

Adventures of Superman!

looks around at disapproving faces

sees my way out


I’m personally having the most fun with Legends of Tomorrow.


Another vote for Arrow…

Honorable mention : Gotham


My vote would be for Watchmen.


Doom Patrol was an amazing experience. I loved the whole season and it’s the show I’m most looking forward to seeing their second season.


Regarding current shows, Watchmen. Absolutely Watchmen. Jean Smart is great.

@AlexanderKnox Take pride in spotlighting Adventures of Superman. Not only is it a classic TV show in general, it’s a classic DC show.


Titans!!! My wife and I can’t get enough. We wait all week for our Titans time on Friday nights! Followed by Arrow and Flash. Still watching season one of Doom Patrol.


For me it’s Pennyworth, it’s phenomenally well written and directed.


It’s Legends of Tomorrow for me.


As much as I love Doom Patrol, I feel like I need a show to get into multiple seasons before I call it my favorite. Overall I’d say Legends, though I also feel like I’m currently most invested in Supergirl

Hmm…that’s tough because each show can be thematically different from one another from time to time.

Current: Titans, Arrow, The Flash, Doom Patrol, and Supergirl
Past: Smallville, Gotham, Lois & Clark, and Superboy
Cancelled Too Soon: 90’s Flash & Krypton

There are so many shows currently that I enjoy, such as Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow that didn’t make my list. I’m just more invested in the other shows just slightly more.


I’m another vote for Pennyworth, with Krypton as my first runner up. I also agree that Adventures of Superman is a classic show, as is Batman

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I’m really hoping Pennyworth makes its way here I’m intrigued to see it. Also think they should add Adam West Batman


Doom Patrol or Gotham

Dear other DC shows: I love you all, no matter the era.

But as of today, Doom Patrol is my favorite.

Legends is the one show I have to immediately watch. It’s the fun of the animated shows I watched growing up but live action with a plot. It’s perfectly campy and just enjoys being a superhero show.


Right now, I have to say Titans. All the live action DCU shows have been excellent. To be fair I don’t have HBO but I did catch the Watchmen premiere and I was very impressed. Titans season 1 was good but I think this season is even better and we know we’re getting a 3rd.

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