what is star fire

In titans is star fire a meta human or tameranian? Yes there is a difference between the two.

Pretty sure it’s been said she is a tameranian


Princess Koriandr of Tamaran. Originally enslaved and tested on she gained powers. So a little of both.


She is essentially a meta-Tamaranean because as shown in the comics, she was experimented on. The comic title that I read which shows this is N52 Red Hood and The Outlaws, but it maybe in other comics too

I always found it hilarious that her captors are the ones who gave her powers.

Bunch of of dummies :joy:

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Yeah, that was the case in New Teen Titans.

As for the show, the producers have talked about how each character is a gateway too another genre or type of storytelling, and with her they talked about “extraterrestrial.”

We will see their take on how she got here powers in this week’s episode. The comic book origin is available in the “Tales of the New Teen Titans” miniseries #4.

She is a strong black woman. Got a problem?!

Why is Starfire