What Is Something In The Comics That You Would Change

There is no way that anyone can agree on everything that happens in comic books. What are somethings that you wished would change in comics. It could be anything from how a character is commonly handled to a storyline that you don’t enjoy.

I’ll go first.

I don’t like that the Joker is used so often. The Joker is used in all the arkham games, most batman movies, and the tv shows. I feel like the Joker should be a character that shows up in a story and makes readers feel like something serious is about to happen and the effects of his actions are going to be detrimental. For example, when a I encounter Doomsday, Parallax, or even Reverse Flash in readings I know that they are always about to do something huge. A plus to this is that is allows Batman’s other villains a chance to shine more.

I wish that Harley Quinn’s character would go back to her BTAS roots and be built up from that.

I never actually been able to get into Hawkman or Hawkgirl and its because of their origin. The only exposure that I’ve had to these two are from Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, Legends of Tomorrow, and Blackest Night. In every case, the storyline used is how they were lovers in Egypt and how they are destined to be together in every reincarnation. It gets annoying very fast and made me want to never read anything with them as the main characters. I would alter to their origins slightly.


To be honest I would change the whole “writing for trade” nonsense that caused writers to feel the need to stretch out their stories with unnecessary padding and filler. Decompression has ruined a lot of stories for me. Also I’d put an end to the whole death and resurrection cycle. If a writer wants to kill off a character than they stay that way from that point on.

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Joker would die. Batman finally has enough and ends him, permanently.

New stories can still feature Joker via flashbacks and stories that take place in the past. Let someone else rise to prominence in his Rogue’s Gallery.

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Regarding Hawkman, check out his current series. It’s a modern classic in the making.


Jon Kent going back to being ten years old. We already have Conner Kent in the near seventeen category. Let the kid be a kid. I also don’t wanting hum acting like Shazam, and be a kid in a man’s body.

Eliminate the filler issues and filler pages that are now required to fill up a six issue graphic novel trade.
These trades don’t have to be six issues, they could be more issues, without stories.

Reduce the number of crossovers. We can see the problems in our library. But it also produces a lot of filler and crap that is either not necessary or could be included in the same total.

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Hal Jordan should not be the star of a Green Lantern titles he should be regulated to a mentor like figure at this point. I much preferred it when the GL titles were team books or Buddy cop stories.

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Ric Grayson and Wally being the main Flash.

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This is going to sound like blasphemy, especially coming from a Trinity fan…but I would like just wee bit less emphasis on Batman? I mean they had a whole special event series that altered the DC Universe that focused on various versions of the character (Dark Nights Metal, which I enjoyed by the way). I get his popularity…love the character, but I feel like all of DC hinging on him is a bit much. Perhaps a more grounded approach? I don’t know. Also, I feel like he could use a little bit less doom & gloom. Not saying Adam West level campiness, but inching him a just a tad closer to the center would make him more relatable.

Please don’t hate me!

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I would have ‘Ric’ remember everything and be Dick Grayson/Nightwing again. Also, I’d team him and Batgirl up on a lot of adventures. Also, I’d let Dick/Babs be a thing instead of teasing will they/won’t they/did they/who knows/maybe/bad timing?/oops amnesia/haha/cry. Actually, there would be more bat-fam teamups in general. Babs would also pop up as Oracle more often, including adventures with Black Canary.

I would let Wally reconnect with Linda and their kids. Maybe the young Linda was a fragment of his Linda, and the West family is really all trapped in the Speed Force or some magic Kadabra prison cell (it’s not like that hasn’t happened!). Since Barry is the main Rebirth era Flash, Wally should be able to have some happiness and stability in terms of family… the Flashes were better about that kind of stuff than most heroes anyway.

I would make Carol Ferris a more prominent character. She has a unique career in comics, typically only powers up for world/universe threatening type events, has abilities that look cool and offer a contrast to all that green will blasting around, and can verbally spar with the best of them (erm, well at least with Hal).

I would have Jon mistake his age for 17, but have him really only be 13-14. He’s just tall, and space time is confusing…


@flamebird23 I totally agree about The Joker being overused.

I’d also have Tempest actually interact with Atlantis, have Orm show up more frequently, and restore Arthur’s memories (although I’m pretty sure this one is happening soon).

I want Roy to come back too and have Lian waiting on his doorstep, but I’m not sure how to undo this death without major shenanigans.

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@c02godress.16092 good point about Barbara and Dick teaming up in one comic rather than having individual comics. I think that too many small heroes have individual comics and be better if they just team up. It lowers series numbers and give us unimaginable possibilities for duos. I also agree that Barbara should be Oracle. I don’t understand how in new 52/rebirth Bruce has been through Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian as Robin but Barbara is still batgirl even after being shot by the joker. And more Black Canary is always welcomed

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I agreed with most everything you said, although I do love that origin for Hawkman and Hawkgirl, but even then I agree alterations need to be made, because nobody seems to know what to do with them as characters. So yeah, I’m pretty much on board with you :joy:
I would also change that Batman and Catwoman didn’t get married :joy::joy:

@Star0fLyra I was originally going to include Catwoman and Batman in my post but changed my mind. I think that is you separate the two and keep their relationship platonic/parters both characters will grow to be better. Maybe have that last for a good decade then try making them a couple again.

I’d make Barbara Gordon Oracle again, full time. We have so many great choices for Batgirl, but I miss Oracle every day.

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i would change the fact and start making leading Latin hero’s and villains roles more aware in DCU ( Ex. like Vibe ). just saying that’s something even my 10 year old nephew is aware of the lack of strong leading Latin hero’s or even villains.

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[cracks knuckles]

So much of the Flashpoint nonsense? Gone. Sure, maybe keep some stuff that wasn’t mind-bogglingly stupid (Court of Owls wasn’t bad), but the “edgy-cool-so-grown-up” new origins? Gone. In [probably] most cases, I wouldn’t bother trying to say “both Pre- and Post-Flashpoint happened”, as seems to be the Rebirth creedo; some stuff after Flashpoint just didn’t happen, because it was either pointless or stupid. Especially where Cassandra Cain is concerned. I still struggle with the clear dissonance between Tynion saying he “loves” the character, and everything he did to infantilize her in the Eternal books (or how, it seems, he never addressed how Rebirth was supposed to make both her histories work).

Harper Row gets reworked from the ground up. I have a friend that actually likes the character, just not how terribly she was written, so I think take this character back to the drawing board, and get rid of any canon influence she had (so Steph Brown would get her good origin back as well). She can keep her personality, but with the other people in Batman’s city getting their good versions back, they aren’t going to fall at her feet and worship her just because she belched or something.

Joker goes back to exemplifying comedy and humor, no more of this “horror movie antagonist” junk just because Scott Snyder wrote it. Maybe that’s already happened, but if not, yeah, get him back to being funny.

If someone wants to kill off a character, I say no. Unless it’s a character they created just to die eventually, no.

If someone wants to make alterations to the core of a character that sound like it came out of their fan-fiction and not an actual, well-thought-out concept from someone who knows how to write stories and characters, no dice. [Glares at Tynion] This goes for “ships”, certain deaths, out-of-character behavior, and numerous other tactics that disguise lazy/self-indulgent writing as “cutting edge”.

Didio and Lee? Gone. They may be skilled in some areas, but leadership and oversight of this publisher ain’t on that list.

I might have more, but for now, I’m hungry and need to grab some lunch.