What is some DC Comics that everybody loves but you don’t

Also what’s a DC Comic you love but everybody hates I’ll go I don’t like Batman: The Killing Joke (I know blasphemy!!!) but I love All Star Batman and Robin (I know even more blasphemy!!!)

Popular stories I hate:

  • The Long Halloween (Loeb)
  • Hush (Loeb)
  • The Court of Owls (Snyder)
  • The City of Owls (Snyder)
  • Batman: Zero Year – Savage City (Snyder)
  • Superman: For Tomorrow (Azzarello)

Popular stories I think are overrated:

  • Superman for All Seasons (Loeb)
  • Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (Loeb)
  • Batman: Year One (Miller)
  • The Man of Steel (Byrne)
  • Batman: A Death in the Family (Starlin)
  • Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying (Wolfman)
  • Robin miniseries (Dixon)
  • Identity Crisis (Meltzer)
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth (Johns)
  • Infinite Crisis (Johns)
  • Flashpoint (Johns)
  • Wonder Woman: Blood (Azzarello)
  • JLA: New World Order (Morrison)
  • Final Crisis (Morrison)
  • Batman Adventures: Mad Love (Dini)
  • Batman & the Monster Men (Wagner)
  • World’s Finest (Gibbons)

Popular stories I’ve warmed up to over time:

  • Kingdom Come (Waid)
  • The Dark Knight Returns (Miller)
  • All Star Superman (Morrison)
  • Batman R.I.P. (Morrison)
  • Batman: Gothic (Morrison)

I’m sure there are plenty more that could go on every list, but it’s sometimes hard to decide if a story is truly popular enough to warrant inclusion.

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I don’t like Cyborg, Green Lantern, SuperBoy and Robin… There are more, but these are the ones thatI can think of now :upside_down_face:

A story I’m not particularly fond of is “The Dark Knight Returns”