What is one relatively unknown character you want to have a tv show or movie

Made staring them?

ANIMAL MAN, I BEG YOU. And it’s not as unknown but JLI sitcom. I know about this terrible pilot of JLA which used the elements of JLI but I want a real sitcom.

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Manhunter, the Kate Spencer version. She’d be a perfect fit either for DC Universe’s dark and violent Titans universe or CW’s street level crimefighter Arrowverse.


Kite Man, specifically the War of Jokes & Riddles version.

The Question, either Renee Montoya or her predecessor. That could be a dark, gritty sort of detective movie or series.


Adam Strange. Not the Booster Gold-like Adam from Krypton but the actual Adam Strange.


Starman, or Wildcat.

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Animated Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (with guest appearances by the Just’a Lotta Animals).