What Is Going On With the Collected Editing Department?

With so much great classic material still uncollected and little to no omnibuses or ohc’s in the catalog is it time to start worrying about the future of printed editions?



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They really need to move to a print on demand model for lot of the more obscure books


Well I sure feel better now… but some evidence backing up your confidence would be helpful. Right now, seeing no new omnibuses in the catalog through 2023 is a bit concerning in light of the Discovery situation

I am concerned since Golden Age Wonder Woman omnibus #5 was supposed to come out this October but the only information I can find about it is on Wikipedia staring it will be coming out this October.

It seems like Marvel is churning them out but DC has run dry as of 2022. I would love to be able to find some information about what they are planning and when we can expect them to start up again, but I can’t find anything.

It seems like these things would be profitable enough given the price and the fact that the material is already made, but perhaps not.

I am hoping for more Golden Age and Silver Age WW omnibuses. :00_wonder_woman_stars:


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