what is everyone watching

Just wondering what others are doing on this Saturday night I’m debating on what to watch

Finished binging Young Justice and now moving on to Daredevil S3!

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Moving back and forth between Big Mouth, Teen Titans, and maybe I’ll start Daredevil S3 soon.

I love MeTV for their sci-fi Saturday night. 8pm Svengoolie (old campy sci-fi or horror movies with your campy host Svengoolie), 10pm Lost in Space 11pm Buck Rogers in the 25thCentury and midnight (classic) Battlestar Galactica. Already popping the popcorn!

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Superman: The Movie


Wow just ignored my same thread lol.

Watching Daredevil S3 then I’ll watch some Justice League animated series

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Batman Animated series and static shock

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