What is Everyone’s Favorite Batman Arkham Game?

You can include Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, or Arkham Knight.


Really liked them all but City is my favorite!

City is my favorite.

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Arkham City is the best, but I do strangely have a soft spot for Arkham Origins as well.

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Arkham City.


City is really really good

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Arkham Knight!

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Arkham City. Arkham Knight was a little over the top. Arkham Asylum was a great start and they definitely added to that for the better which makes Arkham City the best in the series.

In this order…

  1. City

  2. Knight

  3. Asylum/ Origins (they’re tied)

City, origins, Knight (story was kinda lacking), and asylum. Always thought origins got unnecessary hate

Arkham city, hands down!!!

Going with knight. City close 2nd.

Arkham Knight

Knight is my favorite followed by city.

arkham knight even though i hate the ending

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Asylum. It was just so stunning when it came out.

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Arkham City—I couldn’t stop playing it

Arkham Asylum for me.

Arkham Asylum or Arkham Knight(despite loathing the ending)