What is DC's Summer of Events? (Begins 5/7 on DCU)

One year ago on May 2nd, DC began their summer launch of The Summer of Events. While the current publishing reveals the Year of the Villain Event. We get a host of smaller event comics all which come at the end of DC Rebirth Year Two.

The Summer of Events began with DC Nation #0. A comic with three teasers for the five major summer events.

  1. Justice League: No Justice (Begins in two weeks)

In Dark Nights Metal, the Source Wall broke. With it’s destruction, things of extreme power can now make their way in. Justice League: No Justice is the story of Braniac assembling nearly every hero on Earth to protect his home planet from the Titans. The four titans are Mystery, Wonder, Wisdom, and Entropy and with it they judge worlds. What is Colu? and More importantly, if they make it to Earth What is Earth?

How to Read
Justice League: No Justice #1-4 (Weekly Series)

There is also a tie-in comic with Green Arrow.

Results in
Three new Justice League Titles
Justice League: The Legion of Doom has been assembled for the greatest Justice League Series of all time. This series will impact everything in DC Comics.

         Justice League: Dark     Wonder Woman assembles a team to save magic. Wait Wonder Woman? What's she got to do with magic? Wait and find out!

          Justice League: Odyssey         After Justice League: No Justice, someone is calling Cyborg, Azrael, and Starfire to the mysterious Ghost Sector. Jessica Cruz and Darkseid are on for the ride. WAIT? Did you say Darkseid is joining the Justice League?

         Teen Titans and Titans also have new reboots.
  1. Flash War (Begins in four weeks)

Premise: Wally and Flash are being manipulated by Hunter Zolomon to turn onto each other. Wally feels that Barry is a self centered jerk while Barry thinks that Wally is over reacting. Who is the better flash? Let’s find out in a war!

How to Read

The Flash #47-50

Results in: A new status quo for the flash which leads him to discover new forces at work in the world. Forces like: The Slow Force?!?!

  1. Bendis comes to DC to reboot Superman (Read in 5 weeks)

Brian Michael Bendis has come to DC to reboot Superman. Starting with a brand new Villain now readable in Action Comics #1000 on DCU. Rogal Zar had a hand in Krypton’s death. What is this hand? And what is up with Superman wearing his underwear on the outside again?

How to Read
Read the Weekly series
Man of Steel #1-6

Results in: A new reboot for three of the 4 superman titles

Action Comics: Someone is burning down buildings. Find out who as well as the introduction of the Red Cloud in Action Comics.

Superman: The Earth starts sinking into the phantom zone. UH OH!!

Supergirl: The story of Rogal Zar is all his glory?

  1. Batman: The Wedding (Begins in 5 Weeks)

Premise: Batman is getting married to Catwoman!

How to Read:
There’s two series going on

Batman #48-50

Prelude to the Wedding --> Pointless and useless but all of them are actually good!

Results in: A new status quo for Batman and Catwoman

Batman #51–> Batman has jury duty

Catwoman #1 --> Catwoman spends the night fighting a new villain

  1. Sink Atlantis (Begins in 14ish weeks)

Though not officially an event, a crossover between Suicide Squad and Atlantis is most certainly note worthy. Amanda Waller has decided it’s time to Sink Atlantis! 'Nuff Said

How to Read:

Suicide Squad #45
Aquaman #39
Suicide Squad #46
Aquaman #40

Results in:

A new status quo for the Suicide Squad
Lead into Drowned Earth for Aquaman!

That’s DC’s Summer of Events! I’ll be writing a review series called Reviewing the Summer of Events every week and I invite you guys to send me reviews too!

-Nathan.Payson (Your friendly neighborhood reporter)


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