What is DC's strongest arsenal?

Let me explain. DC is known for many things. It’s known for obviously the comics.

But it’s also known for more than that.

At first it was the live action movies starting all the way back with the Tim Burton movies up until
the Zack Snyder and James Wan Era.

There’s also the animated movies from Bad Blood to Justice League War.

It’s also known for its live action TV shows from the CW shows to Gotham to Titans and even to the classic Lynda Carter and Terry Hatcher era.

Not only that but it also has its arsenal of video games from the unfortunate Superman 64 to the beautiful and glorious Arkham and Injustice games.

And last but certainly not least there are the classic animated TV Shows with the Bruce Timm and Radomski, Young Justice, and many many more shows.

The question is which area is DC’s best suit? If you had to pick one definitive area where DC is strongest what would it be? I’m sure most of you would say the comics since they are what started everything so I’m going to ask that we not include the comics in this argument. Or if you think that there is an area that is BETTER than the comics feel free to debate that.

For me it’s definitely the TV shows from the CW shows to the Bruce Timm and Radomski era. It’s what got me into the comics in the first place and in some ways I believe that the shows both animated and live action have some of the best versions of the characters with of course the exquisite voice actors such as Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Susan Eisenberg to also the live action actors such as Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, and Stephen Amell. But I would not discredit the video game area either as the Arkham games and Injustice are phenomenal however it definitely needs to build more especially outside of Batman. Here’s hoping for a new Rocksteady game or something.

The Animated Universe.

From Batman The Animated series to Justice League to JLU to Batman Beyond to Teen Titans and Superman TAS and Young Justice.

Also the animated movies like Mask of the Phantasm, Under the Red Hood, JL: Doom, The Dark Knight Returns Part1 and 2, Flashpoint, JL vs Fatal Five, Return of the Joker, and GL: First Flight.

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Why not mention the comics? As the beyond wonderful and triumphantly joyous thing that all of the other entertainment revolves around (and wouldn’t exist without) I think they absolutely deserve a shoutout.

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@vroom Because I already explained that almost everyone would say the comics and it wouldn’t be much of a discussion.

Then I’ll go with animation. From the Fleischer brothers theatrically released animated Superman shorts to the direct to video Justice League vs The Fatal Five, no other franchise in pop culture comes close to DC’s nearly 80 year long history with the animation medium.

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I’m gonna play devil’s advocate (sort of) and say that not only is DC Animation the best, it’s more consistently good and reaches a wider audience than the comics, and thus is the better medium for the characters.

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Alternative answer: Roy Harper.

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