What is dc doing to Dick Grayson

What is DC doing to Dick Grayson. How long are they going with this Ric Grayson stuff? I’m over it, they are destroying one of my favorite characters. I’m also hearing he’s not going to go by Nightwing when this is over but by The Gray son?! Seriously?! No, you wanna give him a new outfit, that’s cool but let’s bring back Dick Grayson and the real Nightwing character please!!??! Thoughts?


I’ve avoided reading this because Dick is one of my favourite characters and everyone that I know that relate to him the same way have shown nothing but frustration towards this, I don’t think I could handle it. I thought he was coming back as Nightwing tho? I don’t know why they always try to turn him into someone else, it never works!


I really tried to read to read it, but I gave up 4 issues in.

Dick is coming back next year. They said this when they announced James Tynion as the new Batman writer.


@Nightwingx4108 I’ll believe that when I see it

they’re just telling a story. eventually he’ll be back to normal. this is how comic books work.


I am waiting for the eventual return of my beloved hero. I mean, currently it is tolerable at best. But they need to bring Nightwing back soon.

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@OldManJonah That is true.
Though some things, be they errors or just poorly told storylines with lasting (and equally poor) repercussions, can last much longer than others, under certain circumstances.

Can’t happen too soon. It’s almost unreadable presently

It’s like that time Bizarro was smart and no one liked him - then later we got the real Bizarro back.

The current run on Nightwing has gotten me out of the habit of buying comics again. I thought the idea that they first solicited sounded interesting but the way that it played out is just… baffling. I think I haven’t been this annoyed with a Nightwing storyline since that odious Bruce Jones run and the ridiculous redheaded girl in the Nightwing suit.

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They better!

Petition to DC time…

This. How many times have they done something to a character that we don’t like only to see it reverted later? It’s only a matter of time before we have the Dick we know and love back.