What is Alfred paid?

Have you ever wondered how much Alfred was pulling down?

I mean he was specifically hired to be a butler/bodyguard to the family and specifically Bruce Wayne.

Then when the parents were killed the contract between Alfred and the Wayne’s was so strong that Alfred became the guardian of a multi billionaire .

Then he became a coconspirator in manufacturing the worlds greatest detective and a human that is the most prepared and trained person in history.

Now he knows every secret and every aspect of Batman’s life.

To give a little idea of the money involved Batman’s batarangs are between 300 to 1,000 dollars each…

So what would be a reasonable salary?

I don’t even want to consider Robin’s allowance…


I get the feeling Alfred is definitely well compensated. However, I don’t think he actually accepts anything from Bruce. Something tells me caring for Bruce is all the reward he needs.

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The prelude to Joker War established that Alfred was one of the five designated benificiaries of the Wayne fortune. Basically anything he wanted, he could get.


Not enough.

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Alfred makes food for Bruce, he cleans the whole mansion, and on occasion, he has accessed Bruce Wayne’s account to donate money to charity. Based on those facts, Bruce probably writes a blank check and lets Alfred fill it out. Plus, chances are if Alfred wanted to watch a movie in a movie theater room or go swimming within the Wayne Mansion (I wouldn’t put it past the Wayne’s to have a room for each) while Bruce is either asleep or “disappears” while Batman’s on patrol, I doubt Bruce would mind.

Essentially, Alfred pays himself whatever he thinks he’s earned. It takes a huge amount of integrity to be the confidant of Batman.