What is Alfred paid?

Have you ever wondered how much Alfred was pulling down?

I mean he was specifically hired to be a butler/bodyguard to the family and specifically Bruce Wayne.

Then when the parents were killed the contract between Alfred and the Wayne’s was so strong that Alfred became the guardian of a multi billionaire .

Then he became a coconspirator in manufacturing the worlds greatest detective and a human that is the most prepared and trained person in history.

Now he knows every secret and every aspect of Batman’s life.

To give a little idea of the money involved Batman’s batarangs are between 300 to 1,000 dollars each…

So what would be a reasonable salary?

I don’t even want to consider Robin’s allowance…


I get the feeling Alfred is definitely well compensated. However, I don’t think he actually accepts anything from Bruce. Something tells me caring for Bruce is all the reward he needs.

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The prelude to Joker War established that Alfred was one of the five designated benificiaries of the Wayne fortune. Basically anything he wanted, he could get.


Not enough.

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