What inspires you?

I get we are people trying to create new stories but what stories/characters inspire you?


Personally when I first really got into comics it was in an internship i had with a guy that had worked with DC he wanted me to go to a shop and buy like 20 dollars worth in dollar comics. he said i needed to trace all of the figures in the pages (Sorry for the sacrilege it was for science X( ) But that really got me into what I do and what I love.

The Red Hood has always been a anti hero inspiration ever since I watched under the red Hood it was the idea that our heroes aren’t perfect and that there are always ways you can become better than them

I like the dark and gritty heroes like swamp thing and Etrigan, the more monster based. Their too many good things to list but I like horror elements in my comics, strangely however superman and nightwing are my two favorites lol

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Mainly nightwing

Hal jordan showed me the way, and really made me the DC fan I am today

The scene in All-Star Superman when Kal-El takes time out from saving the world to let a distraught, suicidal young girl that she matters really nailed the heart of who Superman is and what he is about. I will always cry when I read those panels. Yes, I love it when he goes off and punches Mongul in square in the face. But for me, it’s the quiet moments of caring that makes the Big S a hero…

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-RHawk68- Have you read SUPERMANS FUTURES END where it turns out the masked superman is actually Billy. Thats when i realized what that S meant to the world. And to all of us for that matter.

I like the serious but funny heroes
like the Teen Titans has inspired me to write stories

All star Superman inspires me. It’s great

Thanks for the tip on ‘Future’s End’. I was heading to my local comic book store this afternoon. Now I’ll have something to look for!

Inspiration and me creating Dark Girl and Jungle Life

Kingdom Come inspires me.


young justice & teen titans
inspireed me


Great writing and great artwork. An unbeatable combination! I’ve seen excellent series and mini’s grind to a screeching halt mid stream because of artist changes that were so different and jarring that it ruined the series. Those two things are integral to a successful comic series, and it seems there are just not enough of either to go around.


It would be cool to do something with Redhood and the court of owls?

Classical music and Instrumentals in general. Shut of your tv and put your phone out of arms reach. Whether illustrating or writing, drown in the sounds of the greats. I find Mozart really works well for me! Try it

Having a hard time thinking of a specific story, but generally any story where the character stands up for what is right no matter what. Whether it be fighting a villain that is too much, going out of your way to save someone, or giving hope to someone who has run out of it.

Anything and everything around me

All superheroes and friends and family

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