What If: Marvel's Uncanny X-Force Met Red Hood and The Outlaws?

So, this is my second “What If” ever since the one where I ask what would happen if Deadpool appeared in Gotham and I decided to stick with Mutants and Gotham vigilantes for this one.
Both the Uncanny X-Force and the Outlaws are teams that break a lot of rules to do the right thing, led by someone who is familiar with dying.

Uncanny X-Force: Wolverine, Psylock, Angel, Fantomex, and Deadpool.

The Outlaws: Red Hood, Artemis, Bizarro.

So, what would happen if X-Force met the Outlaws?

Link to the Deadpool one:

Also, I know it plagues X-Force and the X-Men, but NO TIME-TRAVEL!!

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obviously we having a fight on whos better

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Wolverine would beat everyone, hands down.

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lies all i need is a adamantium bullet and its over

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Wrong! Even one to the brain doesn’t kill him, which has been proven several times.

Not even nuke missiles could take him down.