What If Jared Leto was given the Joaquin Joker script?

Honestly Joaquin Phoenix deserved every praise that he was given for the joker role but in my opinion Jared Leto was robbed of a good role. Jared Leto is an exceptional actor from Requiem of a dream to his Oscar winning role in Dallas buyers club. He is just a grade A actor in my opinion and his Joker from suicide squad was just so stupid. Like seriously who wanted a urban gangster joker with Gold grills ?!! It was just plain awful and made Jared Leto look bad. If he was Given the Todd Phillips Joker he would of nailed the role just as good as Mr. Phoenix Or dare I say maybe even better but we will never know now … their was a rumor that Jared Leto was pissed for giving the new role to Joaquin instead of pursuing his Suicide squad Joker. You can’t blame him for being mad but in the same time thank god they Dumped that character. I want to hear from my Fellow joker lovers … what does the community think about this topic ???


I can’t see him in the Joaquin role, but I do think he got robbed with SS and believe he could have done much better based on past performances.

Do you happen to know if it was his choice to take Joker in that… urr, direction? Or was Joker written that way to begin with?


I guess we would never know if Jared was capable of the Joaquin role but I feel like he could if you ever seen his acting in requiem for a dream but that’s all Joaquins now

And regarding the SS Joker. I believe that character was written that way with an new approach by David Ayer I don’t think Jared had anything to do with that mess of a character. I’m sure he just tried to act the best he could with the role he was given.

I’m definitely in the camp that didn’t hate his Joker and would’ve actually liked to see what he could do w/ a more fleshed out role. There were certainly aspects of his performance I didn’t like but also things that I did, and I just feel like we didn’t really see enough of him to make a full judgment. Maybe not necessarily in the Joaquin role, but just something where he is the main villain


Agreed maybe he’s needs another shot in the future just like they gave ryan Reynolds another chance with Deadpool

If that’s the way his S. Squad Joker was on paper, he still read the script and thought “Yeah, that could work” and signed up for it. And he had to have some input on it- never felt intrigued enough to listen to or read interviews to know how much though.

It was like “human Sonic”- the battle was lost before it even began. At least with that, they realized that fans weren’t into it and they’d have to make some changes. When they released that image of Leto shirtless and covered in tattoos I thought “Well, that’s definitely different, but it doesn’t feel like the Joker”.

Imagine if Leto’s Joker looked like this. I think it would have gone over much better…

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First, I just want to take a quick second to welcome @Dr.Manhattan_Special to the Community! It’s so nice to have you here and I love that you’re already posting a thread that could have varying opinions.

I love both of these actors, I remember having a huge crush on Jared Leto when I was a teenager. I think Joaquin did such an amazing job in his role and for that reason, it’s hard for me to picture anyone else in that dark place. With that being said, I would give anyone a chance to change my mind.


Wow that endgame look would have been game changer for him !!