What if every DC Team was a representation of our military?

So this should be fun and friendly (BIG emphasis on Friendly) ; what if every DC Team was a representation of our military branches? So I will go first then you guys give me your list!

Army- JSA
Marine Corp- JLA
Navy-JL Task Force
Air Force- Outsiders
Coast Guard- Titans
National Guard- Young Justice/Teen Titans
Space Force- Suicide Squad

What’s your list going to look like ?
Respect the S @Kon-El haven’t stopped buddy lol


I can’t say for most of them but

Space Force Justice League Odyssey
Navy Seals or similar Suicide Squad

Navy or Coast Guard would have Aquaman as leader

Air Force eould consist solely of flyers.


I was thinking ROTC for Young Justice. :wink: Choose your branch.

Can I break it down a bit? I think of The Outsiders as SEAL Team Six. If Navy is JL Taskforce.


@Kon-El I didn’t even think of ROTC so thanks for that one !