What if DC did an Overwatch game

Imagine if you will a videogame in the style of Overwatch, but with DC characters. Yeah, the development would be a job, but if this isn’t a license to print money I don’t know what isl.

This game could launch with a minimum of 30 characters and only grow from there. Overwatch after 3 years is just now getting to 30 characters and most of them are never played competitively. Dozens of maps available, multiple skins, and when things get old, drop a dlc from a myriad of places.

What would it take to get you to pay $60 for this game?



A robust single player campaign. I know that no longer describes Overwatch, but I haven’t played Overwatch either for lack of one.

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Sorry to kind of hijack your post, but I’ve been mulling around an idea for a non-linear, 4v1, Evolve-type “Heroes hunt a Villain” game with an individual character leveling system to unlock more powers.

The Villain would select the map, Point Limit, and get to set up traps, henchmen, and equipment for themselves to use based on the limit.

From there any Heroes joining the match would get to choose their characters based on the Point Limit set by the Villain, with some type of boost if they select under the limit.

Whichever heroes make it though the initial gauntlet would then have to beat the Villain in a face to face fight.

I feel like the variables going into each match could make it so it never gets stale. Like, say someone picks Lex Luthor, they could set up the traps from the original Superman movie, or they could spend all of their points into his super-suit and make it just a strict 4 on 1 fight.


I think a game like Overwatch for DC would be cool, especially if it had a story mode.

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Closest thing DC has already done that’s similar to Overwatch or Team Fortress 2 is Gotham City Impostors.



You want a DC shooter?


Yes I think this would be so cool. Varied powers means different advantages and disadvantages. I agree i think it would make for gameplay that didn’t get old.


Not so much a shooter, unless that’s what you do. A team based fighter with tanks, support, damage.

I don’t know about a single player campaign, 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6 would be more interesting with double teams, ambushes, and switches.

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I would buy that 10 times, characters I’d include aside from obvious picks like Superman and Batman would be:
Green Arrow
Red Tornado
Booster gold & skeets
Blue Beetle
Beast Boy
Heat Wave
Captain Boomerang
King Shark
The Penguin
A Talon
Malcolm Merlin
Just to name a few

This is a great idea and it would 100% work! Let’s get this going DC!

If it wasn’t PvP, I’d get it. I want a Co-Op DC Universe game. Something like an Anthem idea where 4 players via online co-op can choose from 30 characters to start with and complete chain missions, but across a WAY, WAY, larger map(s). Now, that I’d buy for $60 over Overwatch any time.

I’d be laughing at how many people would think it’s a game where you play as Felicity Smoak.

I would love any dc game that moves away from the fighter game style like injustice. In depth and reactionary game play like in for honor would be excellent. Or simply a badass story based game like witcher/ skyrim. Huge maps and everything you do in the game can make the end result different… to an extent of course. Maybe you could build a squad of 4 characters and control them like in dragon age inquisition except more emphasis on actual player skill getting you through things instead of purely powering through a level. Theres really endless options here but let’s please move to a more complex gameplay.