what I’d like to see in the second half of Young Justice

  1. Forager Bug in an extended hand to hand combat scene. We saw a taste of it with him and night wing, and I think it would be intriguing to see. If you look at social insects like wasps and ants, which send out single foragers, they tend to be loaded for bear and are quite capable and willing to defend themselves.

  2. I want to see Darkseid’s Furies, and I want them to be significant. As in, they should wipe the floor with our heroes in their first encounter. And I don’t mean just a little. I mean like the team has a panicked retreat, and the justice league has to step in. These are warrior GODS, not the legion of doom.

  3. Connor needs to snap out of this Stepford wife act he’s doing and get angry.

  4. Miss Martian needs to show he super human strength. Martians are as strong as Superman. Also I’d like to see that arm whip thing Amazo did in season one.

  5. Overall, I’d like to see the fight scenes back up to par with season one. They’re still good, but always strive for better.

  6. Doom patrol? Challengers of the Unknown?

These things will never happen, because people don’t make shows specifically for me. What do you want to see?


Nightwing or Oracle, or Batgirl Cassandra Cain

I’d be happy if Greg Weisman uses pre-Flashpoint continuity as the templates for Cassandra Cain’s and Stephanie Brown’s origins, not the mess Tynion made of things. Assuming, of course, he delves into those characters’ histories at all; not like they ever got into Tim’s backstory in Season 2.

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If the would just do respect for blue beetle and impulse. They’re only in the background right now. And I love the storyline and outsiders dynamic but if they bring Roy back as red arrow and let Superboy rage out like back in S1 I’ll be real happy. And I agree that Tim Cass and Steph need more depth. They’re awesome characters. I just hope a season 4 and final 5th is going to happen so everything can flesh out in complete

And yeah season 1 was perfect. We need more s1 action. Maybe after darksied if there’s a season 4 there can be more stealth fighting and development like it was back in s1

The only reason I can see Superboy raging out is if something happens to M’gaan. He’s done a lot of growing, learning to control his anger, so he shouldn’t be set off by being given orders or an annoying noise or seeing a monkey. If he’s in battle and sees Miss Martian in serious danger and her defenses are falling, then yeah, let’im cut loose on some bad guys. If it’s a mild annoyance like someone playing their music too loud, then no (even if it might be funny).

Well the Doom Patrol died so your not getting them

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I want Lobo’s thumb to grow into emo Lobo, make friends with the team and sacrifice himself to save them.

I really want some more well-known arrow fam characters. Either hinted at or brought in. I’d love for Mia Dearden or Connor Hawk to be introduced, or maybe Simon Lacroix is mentioned, hinting at Emiko Queen in the future.

Terra should die in the season finale or close to the season finale.