What have you been up to, DC-wise?

My presence on DCU has decreased quite a bit over the last couple months. While there are some real life reasons behind that, probably best not bore you guys with 'em. Here’s where my DC habits have lied recently:

  • Finally finished all 9 volumes of John Byrne’s Superman on Comixology. Was eye opening, as far as understanding where people’s expectations lie here on DCU. There were a few things I didn’t like, but overall I loved it. Problem is, if I want to continue on, the series are not gathered in neat volumes like that. Problem for another day.

  • Watched some more Harely Quinn. Fun show, but to be honest, not my cup o’ tea. If it didn’t involve DC characters, would probably be a hard pass.

  • Had a Man of Steel, Batman V Superman marathon with the kids. Funny bit, my 10 year old likes Lex Luthor a lot in BvS. Giggles whenever he goes on one of his little tantrums. Made me look at the character differently :slightly_smiling_face:.

  • Currently reading Coming of the Supermen by Neal Adams. Great art, but story is tough to read through.

  • Still reading all my current series. Intrigued by how Bendis will finish his story in the next few months. Overall, no secret it’s been a favorite of mine. Death Metal and Joker War have also been solid so far. Liking Joker War more than I thought I would. Starting to feel Joker fatigue though. Starting to feel lost again on Morrison’s The Green Lantern.

  • Still collecting! Have Mezco Supreme Knight Batman on the way. Waiting for Sideshow to ship Superman and Wonder Woman 1/6 scale figures (hopefully by year end for both). Just pre-ordered the black suit Justice League Superman by Diamond Select Toys.

  • Still hovering around here. I’m finding that I have less to say than I used to. Can probably elaborate a bit more on that, but… yeah, I have less to say than I used to.

That about covers it. Hope y’all are doing well, and would like to hear what everyone else has been up to in the world of DC lately :superman:

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Hanging out here in the iceberg lounge.
Reading my my rebirth binge as well as year of the Villain catch up. Currently starting Aquaman tonight. Also doing the fan art club challenges.

Besides that not much else. Just anticipating all the good dc stuff slated for best year.

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Good to hear, @NYJt3. Let us know what you think of the Aquaman run. Aside from an issue or two, I have never read a complete Aquaman arc. May rectify that at some point :slightly_smiling_face:.

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