What happened/where is Tiffany Smith (DC Daily Host)?

I was wondering if anybody else noticed the recent absence of Tiffany Smith (DC Daily Host), she usually begins the show each day but has been absent from DC Daily since last Thursday (almost a week now)… she is my favorite host/personality of DC Daily and is sorely missed. Any ideas?

Maybe she took some time off for her birthday (the date of which is all over her Twitter feed)?

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Since some of these are recorded in advance, maybe she had Thanksgiving vacation. I’m sure she’ll be back.


Also, during NYCC, I believe, Tiffany stepped out and Markeia took over, so it could also be eventual.

This question was answered in our DC Daily thread found in General! She’s on location in Atlantis :slight_smile: She’ll be back tomorrow.


She’s in Atlantis? Wow!! Has she met Aquaman? I’m joking :slight_smile:


She’s back!!! DC Daily just wasn’t the same… she is always so genuinely enthusiast about everything DC Comics has to offer and her smile and attitude is so inviting. Huge fan!!


She has that “gone…just like that” ability like Batman

“… so that’s what that feels like.”

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