What Happened to....

… Crisis On Two Earth’s, Under The Redhood, JL: Doom and others???

We are in flux right now on all the comic book titles, so please be patient as everything is solidified. We have made lots of additions, and any changes you see are due to our overhaul of the comic book section to ensure we are providing entire arcs, not just single issues; this doesn’t necessarily mean they are gone for good. We’ll be making a final announcement detailing the changes in a few weeks. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the quick response, but I was referring to the Animated Movies. The titles I mentioned just disappeared. Hmmmm

They left the service on January 1st.

@dl63zeve4.66874, ah yes! As Vroom said. Those left the service on January 21st. We have also added a heap of animated goodness. You can find the full list of what was added and removed here:

Do hope that like the 4 Burton (and after) Batman movies these will come back soon, but I will say I am liking the movies and TV shows being added. Some interesting stuff even if I wish we didn’t lose so much at the same time.