What happened to last chance/newly added comics?

What happened to this? Are you not adding new comics anymore?

Right now they are working on something behind the scenes to change the way comics are added to the service. What that will be, I don’t know (still hoping for a full library similar to Marvel Unlimited), but they stated that they are no longer rotating comics out, at least at the current time. They have to wait until the decisions are finalized and approved by their corporate department before they can let us know how things will be changing.

Due to an overwhelming response from fans, comics are no longer being taken off the service. This also means that for the time being, we are not adding comics to the service, either. But please stay tuned for updates on how the comics model will look in the coming year! To be released soon!


Trying to figure a way to get us to premium our premium, you know?

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I got DC Universe for two reasons: the new season of Young Justice and having digital access to comic books. Everything else is fine, but not a big draw for me. That said, I was expecting more stuff from Rebirth, so while it’s great to revisit classic comic book stories, I would love to be able to read new titles as they come out. Is that even possible?