What Happened To Landscape Orientation of the App? (Repost)

Three months ago I created this thread:

I’d have replied there to avoid spamming the forum, but it appears to have been closed.

Anyway, as suggested by the mod, I opened a trouble ticket via Zendesk to have a technical team look into the issue. I was told that the team was aware of the portrait/landscape issue and were working on a fix.

The issue still exists, so when I followed up last night, I got a canned response.

What is going on? Is the IT team understaffed? How long will this bug go on without being fixed?



Hi @scarecroe! I’m sorry you’re still experiencing this. Our technicians are aware of this issue, but we don’t have an ETA for any possible fix, unfortunately.

Three months and counting to fix an orientation issue is unacceptable. I have also sent in a ticket on this issue…twice. At least they could give us an estimated timeline for patches/updates. Let us know that something is actually being done. By now we have ascertained that they are aware of the issue. Now we need to know when to reasonably expect results.


This app………the My DC freezes every time I use it on my new iPad Air, none of my books show the blue line below them when I go to a series to see what book I’ve read, the app crashes, its a complete mess. I put in tickets months ago now and all I get is the “we are aware” response. It’s ridiculous. Maybe the app doesn’t have enough subscribers to have a true support team? All I know is we pay for a very broken app and it’s been months. Sucks I love DC comics so much :blush:


Yeah, I wish I understood it better. I assume there’s some inter-company politics going on that folks can’t talk about publicly. Because this is a very easy fix.