What happened to JL: Doom?

I noticed this when I was looking for something to watch on here on the Roku and I noticed something, Justice League Doom isn’t on here. Neither is Justice League Dark but I’m not talking about that. I tried searching on the computer and it isn’t there either, even on IOS and Android it’s absent. What happened to it, and why was it taken off the service? Was it some controversy involving the director or was it some weird slip up on the part of the people working on this? Whatever the reason I’d like it back on, I liked it and I doubt I’m the only one with that thought.

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I didn’t think Justice League Dark was ever on here. Maybe I forgot.

As for Justice League: Doom… they rotate movies out I think that one has been rotated out which happens. Nothing to do with controversey. So far they usually come back eventually so hopefully it will be back. But maybe I am wrong since I am going off memory, but I think JL: Doom has been off here for a while.

For various contract and financial reasons, some items are rotating out. Although that means that they should be rotated back in, although the exact schedules aren’t rarely put out until the month before.

Batman vs Dracula is rotating out the end of the month, but there is “some major” stuff rolling in July 1 (both animated and live action.)

See AppleJack office hours and threads in the watchtower section for more specific info.

JL: Doom left on May 1st

And what’s leaving June 1st

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