What happened to Hawk and Dove?

I’m just curious

They’ll be back. Episode 9, if I recall correctly.

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Dove is probably still caring for Hawk. And they are probably retired.

You know as much as we do?

They got out while the getting was good

Theres an upcoming episode all about them… so I’ve heard :thinking:.

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Dove’s return confirmed, just saw Minka Kelly on a talk show, they played a clip of new Titans footage with a healthy Dove in street clothes going CQC with a bad guy inside a living room

See trailer for next weeks Titans. Most of it seems to be an origin story

This thread was made too early lol. Should have waited till the end of the season

They went to work for Penguin…


I am not sure that Dove is out of the hospital yet. I believe that the clip shown on the talk show was what we got as a preview which is a flash back on how she came in after Don.

I think the Hawk and Dove episode is an origin story. So itll all be told through a flashback… I think :thinking: