Okay so this is an actual question, I really need to know. I used to be on DC ALL ACCESS constantly! I loved being on the app, and It was a great community. But I took a break from social media and now the app is nowhere to be found on the app store. I miss all my DCAA friends a ton. Can someone please explain?!


The app was discontinued.

There was a thread to welcome DC All Access members. Maybe you could try posting there to see if any of your friends are around.



Or use the search function to find them by user name.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

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You can always make new friends, I’m happy to be one. :slight_smile:

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What @Beagle mentioned is true, @Elle._.Rivecca19 - I’m so sorry about your coming back to the app missing, though :confused:

We send a warm welcome to you, however, and hope you enjoy the community and make yourself at home, since we’ve had quite a few from DC All Access join us on here :slight_smile: You can follow the link @Beagle posted, or do a search for the thread by title: “Welcome, DC All Access Members!” in the Watchtower section.