What happen to episodes 12 and 13 of Titans?

I thought the series was going to be 13 episodes? Why is there only 11 now? Did something happen to the show? Was there a reason a few episodes were cut?


They might have wanted 13 episodes in the very beginning of the development of the show. But things probably changed

Not sure how they’re going to finish the story line with Rachel and Kory when they also have this Robin Vs. Batman big final, perhaps it’ll be a long episode? so it would have made sense to have at least one more episode! we’ll see!


If I have to guess, I think next week will be a 2 hours finale after seeing the trailer and how episode 10 ended. So I’m guessing that episode 12 is part of episode 11. Can’t wait to see it! :grinning:


Big cliffhanger ending that leads into S2 is my guess

If I recall correctly, when Titans was originally announced, it was given a 10-episode season.

So think of number 11 as a bonus. :slight_smile:

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Been way to many lies about this show. At first it was said all the episodes would drop at once with 13 episodes. I love the show but they need to be a little more transparent with fans about what is going on with the show.

Btw - why did I have to go to YouTube to preview episode 11. Seems weird. I think we end with trigon coming to power. Season 2 is team getting together to fight him. Hoping for at least a glimpse of Donna in custome (you don’t think she only took the lasso with her do you).

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@arg914, yeah I’m kinda bummed we don’t get to see her in some sort of costume or the debut of the Nightwing costume. This season is literally all build up and will end right when things are really getting started.

Series feels like it was filmed as one big long episode to be released as one big long release. But half way through someone said no were releasing them weekly they need to be reedited. None of the episodes except Jason Todd’s’ Doom Patrol and Hawk and Doves origin really stand on their own. The rest of the series feels like one big teaser building up to some big epic conclusion that just never happens. How are they gonna wrap this season up with this last episode and it feel complete?

Half conclusion with a big cliffhanger to get people hyped for s2

Comicbookjerk, IIRC, during the initial discussion about the DCU service, everything indicated that it would be an annual subscription only. I’d guess that some bean counters decided that they needed to have a monthly subscription option, and that once that was decided, then the decision to drop new series episodes weekly was made to keep subscription numbers up. I’d bet that projections for annual sub v. monthly sub showed a lot more money coming in from monthly subs, but only if you don’t let people buy a month, binge the new eps, unsubscribe, and then resubscribe for the next season (or the next time a new series drops that they want to see). I’d guess its all about revenue stability.

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There probably gonna release them at random.

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I don’t recall there being a mention of 13 episodes, unless that was back during development for TNT. I have a feeling that perhaps there was going to be a 2-hour premiere followed by 9 1-hour episodes, but they decided to break up the premiere to space out the weekly schedule as much as possible which is why we got the “bonus” episode 11.

Prediction: Batman hunt is all in Dick’s head and we’ll have a Luke in the cave moment when Dick tracks Batman down and unmasks him to find it is himself he fears going insane and on a murder spree.

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Yeah I’m definetly expecting Batman in this dream or whatever to be Dick than an actor playing Bruce

It was shortened down in order to allow for bigger budgets on certain effects heavy episodes. Same budget less episodes. Looks like a lot of it is going into episode 11. Marvel/Netflix did the same with Iron fist season 2 and I think the CW did the same with Legends and Black Lightning season 1.

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I know epguides.com used to show a 12th episode, but I’m guessing the 2 hour finale theory is right…

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